Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pregnancy Week 13

What does Grumples and Poppy's big hairy mugs have to do with me being 13 week preggo?
Um, nothing.
But I was sufficiently sick and miserable all weekend and we didn't even get a dang weekly picture.  That one time that I thought my energy was going back up...was a little pre-enthusiastic.  I had a few good days but was mostly sick last week (and earlier this week).
Oh well. 

Alas, I shall still complete the weekly questionnaire!
Week 13 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A peach

My weight gain so far: 3 lbs, no increase this week

Food Favs: Cheerios, big berry smoothies, walnuts, pretzels, citrus, Lean Cuisine's Spinach Mushroom pizza (ha!) lemon drops, greek yogurt, salad, bell peppers, popsicles, chocolate chip cookies

Foods hates:  This week I particularly want to murder the person that discovered ground turkey--still just EW!!! I'm still not keen at all to chili, garlic, onion, greasy, most meats, refried beans, and cheese

3 Pros of Week 13:
1. Starting Tuesday I was a little less nauseous and even went on a hike with the doodles!
2. Ryan sent me to get a wonderful prenatal massage that made me feel like a million bucks
3. I started eating eggs again recently and that is really encouraging me that someday I won't despise all food

3 Cons of Week 12:
1. I can really feel my joints loosened up and seem to easily over-extend things
2.  My appetite, I fear, will never return.  I truly eat for the calories but not for the taste :(
3. Peeing 5-6 time in the night

Best moment of the week:
 I ate a hardboiled egg!  And I went out to lunch with my mom and Ryan and could order something off the menu!  It was super plain, but restaurants made me so queasy for awhile.  Win.
He is in the habit of texting to ask how our little on is doing during the day which just makes me so happy!  He got a little progress done on a map that will be hung in the nursery and has been researching his life away on safe carseats and strollers.

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