Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life Giving Reads This Week

I'm sitting here with a morning off and a big mug of twirly-steam coffee.  Sweetened with organic milk and raw honey.  And since I have the time I'm bouncing between by Bible, my journal, and reading a few life-giving articles I've happened across.

I have to share the wealth!

An inspiration to parent (perhaps live?) not wallowing in or worrying about the judgement from others.  A personal friend wrote this and I have re-read it and passed it on several times already.  

I feel more free already.

 Choosing those life giving words: To LIVE is Christ.  And just so we can all be free of judgement and comparison, here is a shot into my currently messy kitchen.  Is that a piece of bread with a bite taken out of it?  Ha!

I have read this one several times slowly during a recent quiet time.  An inspiration for holiness, sabbath, and daily delight in rest.  You will exhale after you read this gorgeous article...and possibly start a new tradition.

A birthday bouquet from the thoughtful Clark family

Ry and I are all about water, water, water!  It is what he does for a living after all :)  However, THIS article about the affects of soda on your daily health blew us out of the water.  

Oh my.

Fresh berries but not many left when they are so delicious

I'm not sure I have a proper description of this article.  When the likely cause of addiction is found, you might just be SHOCKED to see what the theory says.  I've had coffee date discussions with friends over this one and it's always a rich, tangled conversation.

Just to add some sweetness to your day: two sleepy doodles.  Can you tell them apart?

I hope you enjoy these-the words from others challenging me, freeing me, encouraging me.  It's such a gift.  

Pass on your favorite reads this week if you have them and in the meantime I'll leave you with this incredible pearl...

Love is patient...

1 Corinthians 13


  1. I love how you snapped a pic of your messy kitchen. I am working on a blog post now regarding the share and compare generation and how it's so easy to look at peoples social media pages and thing 'wow' their life is perfect. I too was looking through my house to post some of those unkept moments. Thanks for keeping it real! Xoxox enjoy the rest of your bday week! Xoxox

    1. Ugh it's messy so much!! But it's a nice reminder that not everyone has it together even though we often only post the "good pictures". Can't wait to read your post!



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