Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finding Out and Week By Week...

We found out on December 19 that I was pregnant.  It was my last day of quarter 5 and I had two long, important finals to take.  We were suspicious that I was preggers or a few reasons...

I'm talking sleeping 12-14 hours a night and if I couldn't get that much sleep I was dying for a 2 or 3 hour nap.  I have never experienced anything like it.  Ryan was running our household like a champ  while I slept my life away and I am so grateful for him.

His most suspicious moment was one night when I came home and went to bed at 6:30 pm, woke up to each 2  slices of pizza and 4 cookies, and promptly went back to sleep for 12 hours straight...HA!!

 Anyone who knows me knows that is SO unlike me!

Oh my I was SO sick in this picture.  Ryan let me pull the doodles up on the couch to help me feel better

One of the best parts of this whole story is that I hadn't even missed my period yet before I took a pregnancy test at home.  Ryan and I had plans to take one together in the coming weekend if I was late. But I had a spare test at home and some extra time on my hands so I took the test myself a day early.


I almost fell of my seat and was in total disbelief.  I picked up two more tests from Target since I knew my engineer husband would want to "make sure" and also some cute baby onsies for him to open up and figure it all out.

He opened up the onsies and my positive test from earlier...his response made me laugh so loud.  He looked at everything and with huge eyes said, "Is this for real?"  Then he proceeded to do some kind of fertlity dance around our kitchen and couldn't stop smiling.

It was such a precious moment.

We found out just in time to share the news with our families at each Christmas celebration.  That was something we were just peeing out pants with excitement over!  It was the perfect time of year to find out.

So we shared at 4 weeks with our families and then waited another 2-3 weeks to start sharing with close friends.

Overall, people have celebrated, screamed, hyperventilated, cried, cheered, and covered us with love and prayers. We were overwhelmed with support.

As far as week by week experiences go I have been keeping a little journal to I don't forget:

Week 5
Sx: Tired, tired, tired.  At 5 weeks and 3 days I was crushed with morning all day sickness.  UGH!  No vomiting but extreme nausea that laid me out flat.  And super tender breasts (TMI!)
Cravings: Salt, salt, salt and citrus.  I wanted oranges, clementines, lemonade, smoothies, and salty food
Aversions:  White cheddar cheese, eggs, and Subway sandwiches.  UGH!!!!
Preparation:  We decided to deliver at St. Joe's with a midwife.  We both had the week after Christmas off and toured several facilities and did lots research.  We also bought a crib and get it set up.  We are on top of things!
Ryan:  He is just over the moon about this baby!  He kisses my stomach, talks to it, and literally treats me like a princess.  He has been an outstanding husband and daddy-to-be!

Baby gifts from my parents for my birthday

Week 6:
Sx: I've learned how to manage the nausea with very, very frequent eating.  I literally set my alarm for 2:00 am, 4:30 am, and 6:00 am to eat.  I keep smoothies, crackers, soup, greek yogurt and citrus on hand or at the beside.  The hunger and blood sugar drop hits me like a ton of bricks and I have to be prepared or I am miserable for 45 minutes trying to catch up
Cravings: Salt :)  More citrus-I could live in an orange grove for the rest of my life and be happy.  Something may sounds good one minute and th next I want to throw it up.  So it's hard to say what sounds good
Aversions:  More like what doesn't make me sick?? Eggs, cheese, greasy anything, UGH I can't go on...
Ryan:  We picked out our baby room color (the lighest green/turquoise) and he is so ready to get painting.  He is particularly interested in our nursery rocker so he's been shopping around for that.  He keeps taking the BEST care of me and is so attentive.  He is just thrilled and his excitement grows by the week!

SO SICK Week 7-10 so no real journal here
-Nausea, migraines with vomiting, weakness, fatigue.  These weeks were hard with few good days

Week 11
Sx: Middle of the night snacking has re-started so I'm getting used to that again.  I'm still very tired, sleeping 9-12 hours a night.  Nausea is on and off.
Cravings: Citrus, pretzels, yogurt, fruity popsicles, crackers.  "Crave" is such a weird word since food just sounds terrible and I'm only eating for the calories
Aversions:  EVERYTHING!  It seems like.  Eggs, cheese, grease, refried beans, chili, ground turkey
Ryan:  He started reading "The Happiest Baby On the Block" and is busy learning from iPhone apps and reading.  We saw our baby on an ultrasound this week and he proclaimed it was the coolest thing he's ever seen!

Ryan brushing up on his baby book reading

I just don't want to forget all these details in the future!  It's so fun to record it here to be able to reflect on later.  More posts to come.


  1. Loving the updates! Again so excited for you! I have a preggo blog too if you want to check out for fun! rodneybaby.blogspot.ca
    Really happy for you guys! Happy you are out of that 1st trimester...no fun! Now its time to PARTAYY!

    1. I'm almost to the 2nd trimester! Saturday! I cannot wait. And I'm really hopeful that the transition will kick nausea and sickness to the curb. I'll check out the Rodney Baby blog asap!



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