Sunday, February 8, 2015

February Events

There is always a busy part to every quarter of school.  Quarter 6 the busiest is NOW!  After this week I am in for some pretty easy sailing which I am so so grateful for.  Tomorrow I have two presentations and test and Tuesday another presentation and quiz.  I can't wait for Tuesday to be over!

I am working with three of my absolute favorite classmates-three women that are encouraging to each other, hardworking and so dedicated.  It makes all the difference to have a motivated group!

I spend a good chunk of time at a local Starbucks drinking coffee and cranking out projects

I busted out an old crockpot recipe from 2012 from this blog! I was visiting a friend later in the week and needed a quick treat to bring.  It's so so so so so simple and these cinnamon almonds are always a hit.  You should try them out next time you need a simple snack.

But be careful, they are addictive

 The weather in Colorado has bee phenomenal and record breaking!  It was 75 degrees on Saturday so Ry, the doodles and I all got out for a hike.  I have been trying to get those doodle babies to the park everyday for some much needed running.  

The vitamin D is good for us all :)

Busy exploring uncharted territory

This is one of my favorite pictures and memories from this week!  One of my dearest friends, Hannah, bravely birthed her baby boy on January 26.  I got to take Daniel and Hannah a little lunch and some goodies this last week and meet baby Isaac.  He is so scrumptious!

I have known Hannah since the first week of my freshmen year of college.  We went to Russia together, did college ministry together, and have enjoyed so many new stages of life.  It's such a gift to see her become a mama!

Doesn't she look amazing??  10 days post birth and is glowing still

And finally today, Ryan's parents trekked up to Golden for a little visit and some lunch at the Olive Garden.  Rilyn and Ryder hitched a ride too and we all had fun hanging out and chowing down.

Ryan and his parents

Ryder, myself, and Rilyn.  It was a busy, chocolate milk filled lunch :)

These two!  A silly, sweet bunch that made lunch all the better

So while this week is busy we have even more exciting events happening this week and month that I'll share about later on!  Stay tuned :) 

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. 
James 4:10

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