Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Recap & Reading

My birthday didn't turn out quite like I had planned because I was feeling pretty under the weather but it was still a great day!  I relaxed by our stunning new fireplace and we enjoyed a delicious dinner with my parents that evening.  We had french dips and cupcakes!

I grew up with birthdays being a very big deal and my parents still do a fantastic job of celebrating us all.  It's a tradition I am trying to carry on!

Chocolate for me, vanilla for Ry

My mom set a super cute table with birthday plates and napkins, and my dad made the sandwiches.  And I had a little pile of presents to open that were so thoughtful

Cupcakes from Happy Cakes are always a good choice!

Parents also enjoying the celebration

So the thing is reading is taking over our lives!  I have always like reading but have read less for fun that I would liek since nursing school started up.  But nonetheless myself, along w ith my friend Beth, have been trying to get Ryan to become a reader too.

He always claimed he just didn't like reading.  Nonsense!  Beth and I would tell him, "You just haven't found  the right book!"

Lo and behold, Ryan Decker did finally find the right book(s) and he's hooked.  He has been devouring the Hunger Games trilogy and even chooses reading over movie nights or a TV show.  It is making my heart so happy :)  We love dissecting the book's meaning and lesson or the character's motives. We learn a lot in the process.  

Now I have to get him into Harry Potter or the Ted Dekker trilogy next...

Finally, we have been getting snow on and off all winter.  One day it's 75 degrees out (literally) the next it's 20 degrees and snowing.  Like today, it's a gorgeous 60 degree day and the doodles and I spent 30 minutes at the park.  Tomorrow = 6 inches of snow.

Anyway, the last snow day the doodles got themselves two white snow beards and frolicked all morning in the cold.  We love those dumb goofballs!

Poppy on the left, Grumpies on the right

The rest of the week holds dinner plans with new friends, some time at the gym, and both of us digging into our new small group curriculum at church.  It's a sweet week already!


  1. Happy birthday Girl! I forgot our bdays are so close to one anothe . Must be why I love your blog so much! Hope your better now:)

    1. They are--I forgot too! Happy belated birthday :)



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