Saturday, February 21, 2015

1st Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

As I sat down to write this I realized how "first-world" this post really must really sound...shoot.

Well these aren't essentials (aka ya know, water and food), but they are a few little comforts that have made my first 13 weeks a tiny bit smoother.  And maybe will help you if you're preggers or know someone who is too.

 Because believe me when I say there were a few rough patches!

Ryan will attest.  Amen.

First up...

Decaf coffee.  Bless thine inventor.  For reals people, load this up with milk and honey and you can turn any bad day right around!

Lemon drops and spearmints.  There was many an hour where it was all I could do to just get one of these down.  Such wonderful, mild flavors.

Pregnancy Tea. This tea is so mild and comforting.  I like it best early in the morning with raw honey.

Soft maternity shirts.  My mom has been the most enthusiastic about making sure I am well stocked in maternity clothes even though my belly is just barely poking out.  Thanks mama!  I am LIVING in this shirt from Target's Liz Lange line.  

With leggings and boots it is perfection.

 Mother To Be tea.  A friend gave me this box of tea (along with amazing stack of pregnancy books) and I really enjoy it!  Mild, red raspberry and spearmint that's refreshing and super yummy anytime of day.

Mama Bee products.  Another dear friend got me these as a gift and I LOVE them!  Adore actually.  The belly butter is so thick and rich.  And the body oil smells like a lemon drop.  Both are amazing post-shower.

 So just a few little goodies here that I'll be indulging in all pregnancy long actually! 

Happy products = happy mama

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