Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Work, Doodles, Littles, & School

Ryan and Marc have been working so hard at Healing Waters the last few months.  HWI works so diligently towards a Holistic Transformation Model (HTM) and at the root of it really is water sanitation.  These two smarty pants Engineers do a great job.

What would a post be with out the doodles?  We try to get to this park or one other near our house every day to run the babies.  Grumples could chase his ball for HOURS!  Poppy could eat goose poop and wander around smelling for hours too.

The other day Poppy kept playing with something in the field.  I wasn't loving it so I went over to see what was up.  Low and behold it was a petrified, dead mouse.  A big gray one!  UGH!  As I'm thinking about what to do with it, Grumples trots over, takes one look and literally swallowed it in one gulp.

I died.

But really I did dry heave.  It was pretty gross.  He was not allowed to kiss either Ryan or I that night.  UGH!!!

The other week I paid $0.99 a gallon and though that was amazing.  This morning I filled up an empty tank for less than $12!!  I was so thrilled to see $0.79 a gallon.  Our grocery store does reward points and with gas prices already low and then using those points, I got the best deal ever!

This picture is old but as I was cleaning out my inbox today I had to publish it.  This picture pretty much makes my heart burst out of my chest into a million pieces.  Every single short person that I am crazy over is in it. We ADORE being an aunt and uncle to these sweet little ones.

These Decker/Hall babies make us swoon!

I'm off to Aurora this afternoon with some sweet friends from school.  We are running a big research project about low income children and need to gather data and meet administrators for interviews.

Let me just say that starting the research has been gloomy :(  The high school I'm focusing on has an over F in school performance and only 42% of kids graduate.  There is such a need for revival in schools and in kids-for hopeful futures and adults to invest in them.  For proper funding and supplies.  Let's just say I am blessed to have good schools around us but feel so burdened for the futures of these kiddos in what seems like another world.

We have some volunteer hours to invest for this quarter and while we do get a grade, it's still something I'm looking forward to.  I think I'll spend those hours at an elementary school in this area that we're learning about.  I feel optimistic about it!

Have a great rest of your day and week, everyone :)  So glad you took a few minutes to read here.

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