Friday, January 2, 2015

Very Late Christmas Recap

Every year Ryan and I celebrate Christmas together on a special date.  Last year it was the symphony and dinner out.  This year we connected over our favorite...The Melting Pot!

We took 2.5 hours to feast on cheese fondue, salad, an amazing seafood/duck/steak main dish, and dark dulce chocolate fondue!  It was such a gift to slow down and talk, laugh, and enjoy Christmas together this way!

We had a no cell phone policy at dinner but this was the gorgeous tree outside the restaurant

These two sweet, perfect doodles also enjoyed Christmas!  They received treats and a new bed from their Grammy Nelson as well as stuffed animals to pulverize from their Grandma Decker.

After Christmas Eve and Christmas day morning with my family, we headed down to the Deckers for Christmas lunch.  We were happily surprised to see Tyler, Anna, Rilyn, Ryder, & Sawyer.  They had to return early from a Montana road trip due to weather but we weren't too sad ;)

The obligatory crazy picture.  We aren't weird.

A "normal" picture but don't let any of these weird-o's fool you!!

We had a lot to celebrate this Christmas and are grateful for the tremendous blessings that overflow our lives!   

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