Sunday, January 25, 2015

List of 10 This Week

10 things that are happening this week:

1. I'll be turning 26 this Thursday!

Two sweet doodles that are spoiled beyond anything reasonable

2.  Ryan getting to review and explore a new job description at Healing Waters (details later!)

3.  Good friends over to share a dinner...white bean chicken chili and sweet potato drop biscuits

4.  Ryan getting his first round of Remicade 2015.  My mom always takes him (it brings me so much joy that they do this together!) and they get Chick-Fil-A before to make it a little better :)

5.  Yoga and rock climbing and making more of an effort to make new relationship connections at our gym

6.  Clinicals at the amazing Senior Resource Center in Wheat Ridge--wise older people are full of wisdom and stories that are so rare and precious

7.  Ryan's new men's Bible study on Sunday morning before church

8.  Prayers and processing for a situation that is bewildering

9.   Rest in front a newly installed fireplace insert courtesy of my AMAZING husband!  Picture to come.

VERY dirty after a full day of installation

10.  Joy and gratitude over hundreds of gifts we don't deserve, a community of love and support, and new grace each day
Perfect doodle faces

My sweet husband is bringing my home a delicious Chipotle steak bowl so I'm out!  We hope you have a fantastic week and will check back in here later!

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