Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hello/Della Terra Get Away

Sorry to have been so MIA!  These last few weeks after Christmas have been SO good and full!  Of course no internet at our house still so blogging has been sporadic.  But now that I'm back at school I'll bring my laptop and document more of what'g going on while I'm there.

  Since I posted last, we've been climbing, yoga-ing, friending, family-ing, and generally soaking up the good stuff of life.  

We celebrated my early birthday with the Decker family last Sunday and enjoyed a delicious brunch.  Big girl niece Rilyn turned 4 yesterday so we get to party at her FROZEN PARTY this weekend :)  And I've been schooling most days of the week and getting back into the swing of studying, group projects, and clinicals.  Only 4.5 months to graduation!!

Ryan updates:  Dude has been having a heck of a time with his ostomy.  Since fall it has been acting up really.  Unbearable itchiness, appliances leaking, skin issues, allergic reactions etc.  We finally think we might have a solution and are treating a potential infection but man is an ostomy exhausting sometimes--there is just so much that people don't see that it takes to maintain and live with it!  He is so persevering.  He is also busy at work and planning a trip to Mexico soon with his CEO.  He is doing really well overall!

Doodle updates:  Spoiled.  More spoiled.  The doodles love the snow and will readily lay in it for hours outside.  We are working on their manners and not jumping but overall they bring us so much joy.

So anyway, I will be posting much more regularly in the future but I had to get my feet under me after starting up quarter 6 (almost done!!!) and just in general having new things going on around us.

One absolutely wonderful trip I have to share now though.  We packed up and took off in early January up to Estes Park.  I have been wanting to get away to this bed and breakfast, Della Terra, for years and Ryan booked it for us!!!  It's a gorgeous estate right on the mountainside with rooms that just takes you away during your stay.

We left so relaxed...mostly because of the enormous tub, private jacuzzi on the deck, slow pace, and romantic atmosphere.  It was exactly what we wanted and needed!

Our room was breathtaking!!  I could have lived there forever and never left.  It was so serene.

This tub was AMAZING!  Plus the fountain in the background?  Heaven.

This sums up the trip: we only ventured out to get dinner each night and lived in comfy clothes

By day we drank tea and played board games or booked the private theater to watch movies.  By night we ate delicious food and hung out in the jacuzzi or by our fireplace

Will be back soon with more life updates and happenings!  I'm off to study and enjoy the sun with the doodles at the park.


  1. Oh my gosh take me there!! Looks lovely! Glad you had a little get away!!



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