Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Reflections

Reflecting on the last year is so important and truly refreshing.  

How did we spend our time, money, resources?  What would we change?  What relationships blossomed, withered?  What were we proud of and what lessons did we learn?

Most of the wins and victories get recorded here and that's OK with me.  We process the failures and changes more privately and believe me, we dig through them!  But for now, this is what we're celebrating through 2014!

It was a year of stretching, praise, surprises, and SO many gifts.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

Ryan traveled to the Dominican Republic for work
I turned 25 and Ryan took me to a painting and wine experience to celebrate
I took on Quarter 2 of nursing school

We spent Valentine's Day at a retirement home loving on wise, incredible people!
Reading Radical by David Platt and getting shook up
Ryan and I escaped to the mountains for a husband-wife get away retreat

Ryan won the Great Comebacks West Region award!  We found great purpose from pain.
Ryan and I partnered with WeFeed, a sustainable wonderful organization
Two of our dearest friends, Matt & Katie, got engaged!

It was an honor to represent women, education, and water for HWI at the Missional Women Conference
Ryan ran his first half marathon-legit!!
The Great Comebacks organization flew Ryan and my mom, Cleo, out for his first award ceremony!
Quarter 3 of nursing school began

We flew to North Carolina for one of the highlights of our year-recording our Crohn's/Ostomy story for Great Comebacks and being SPOILED by the once in a lifetime opportunity!
I administered my first shots, injections, medications, and real nursing care in clinicals

Ryan celebrated 28 years of life with a donut pyramid
We adopted Poppy Decker and I threw a shower for Katie future Bolt!
We flew to Nashville to attend a national ceremony to honor Ryan (and others) stories of perseverance with an ostomy. Epic is not a big enough word

I started my first IV on a patient-what a rush!
We road tripped to watch and participate in the epic Bolt wedding!
We celebrated Ryan's 2nd stomaversarry with Lasik and a night out to Steuben's

Children's Hospital Colorado hired me as a Clinical Assistant.  Wow!
We became hard core rock climbing addicts :)

I finished Quarter 4 and began Quarter 5 --two of the toughest academic experiences of my life
My mom had her shoulder replaced and allowed us to help care for and pay her lots of visits
We camped with the entire Decker clan and had a blast in the mountains!

Ryan's ultimate frisbee team won their league championship!
We attended Q Commons with Ryan's work and soaked up incredible wisdom from Ann Voskamp and others
Enjoyed community with these dear friends and celebrated our favorite season (fall!!)

Got family fall photos taken!
Two of our favorites came to visit for a sleep over
We put together Operation Christmas Child boxes with my mom!
Hosted our 3rd annual Thanksgiving feast

I finished up Quarter 5-6 months to graduation!
We had a busy month of community and visits from loved ones
Ryan's Crohn's and ostomy story was featured in the ostomy magazine, The Phoenix

2014 was an INCREDIBLE year.  We praise the Lord for His good gifts, for the times we have learned and ached, and ultimately drowning us in His grace and forgiveness.

And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.
1 Chronicles 29:13

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