Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cute Paper & Unique Toppers

Merry Christmas!! 

How has your December been?  It's been a busy one for us but today was a FABULOUS Christmas-y day.  It started out with baking treats, a parade down the main street of Golden, and then wrapping creativity.  


I recently used personalized wrapping paper from Tiny Prints (gorgeous, yes???).  All I had to do was design with our favorite photos and hit checkout.  We just had fall family photos taken so I had lots of pictures and I couldn't wait to use them.

 Once it arrived, I could not wait to get started!  More than anything, as I was getting gifts all wrapped up, I wanted to avoid the cliche bow.  

It is so easy to make a gift pop with a more creative topper and honestly, for almost free!

Just a quick sweep through my house left me with a lot of choices and I am swooning over the final product...

First up, cinnamon sticks!  I wrapped up three cinnamon sticks from the grocery store with a small piece of ribbon.  Use that same colored ribbon to wrap around the box.  I love how festive this feels.

What to do with extra ornaments?  Present toppers!  

Our tree is tall and skinny and couldn't hold all of the ornaments so instead I threaded some ribbon through two.  Just attach with a small piece of tape or tie the ornament's ribbon to the ribbon on the package.

Do you have any people in your life that love natural gifts?  Top your present with an organic or natural chapstick (like Burt's Bees, my favorite!) and some greenery.

Two things everyone is likely to have in their house: Scrabble letters and candy canes!

Just spell out a seasonal word and lay over a piece of scotch tape to keep in alignment.  Attach to the gift with more tape to and add some accents like a candy cane or more greenery even!

Do you have bay leaves in your kitchen's spice cabinet?  

This idea is just bay leaves and a little paper flower with the Scrabble letters.  I LOVE how this one turned out, mostly because of that happy green pop.

For this one, I went back to the ornament idea.  Crate & Barrel had a great $2 ornament sale so attaching such a gorgeous addition was beyond simple.  Plus the gift receiver can add this extra goodie to their tree after they open it.

I mixed all of these ideas on a pile of gifts and really like how it all turned out. There are so many combinations and I cannot tell you how much fun this was!


What other ideas can you top your gifts with besides the usual bow?  Share in the comments, I would LOVE to hear!

 There are endless ideas out there for present toppers.  I can't wait to see those we love open up these presents and enjoy the little extra touch of creativity.

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