Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve!

It's a Christmas miracle--a day off!

I'm so grateful today for a chance to rest and relax with no work or homework.  The only thing on the agenda is yoga, baking pies, resting, and a Christmas date with my man tonight.

Every Christmas we do a special date and this year it's to the Melting Pot--one of our favorites!  We love the cheese the most :)

Ryan is persevering today through a very bad cold so prayers for his speedy recovery would be great.  He's go the runny nose, exhaustion, etc.  Poor guy :(
We are excited for the next few days full of family and celebrating Christmas!  On Christmas Eve we will be with my family to have a big annual appetizer dinner, go see lights, and watch a Christmas movie.  We love it!

We will spend Christmas Day with Ry's family to indulge in flank steak and shrimp, relax, and enjoy his parents.  We are looking forward to it all.

Here are just a few pictures from the last few days...

The girls on the Decker side of the family exchange stockings between us.  We each do one and draw names.  This is what went into mine to give away!

A little belated but this is our Christmas mantel this year

And our tree.  Bonus:  our dogs are old enough to not pee on it 3,000 times like last year!

We saw Grinch: The Musical with my family on Saturday night and first drove by the City County Building to see the lights  Gorgeous!


 Sunday we took Linny and Justin rock climbing.  They loved it and were so good at it!

And if this doesn't say Merry Christmas, I don't know what does!!

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