Friday, November 21, 2014

Littles Came To Visit

We had two of our favorite little people up this weekend!

We started the weekend out with lunch at Tyler and Anna's and then packed up their minivan and headed off!  First stop was the rec center to go down the big kid slide, get dizzy in the lazy river, and jump off the side of the pool! 

I have to say these two were very adventurous and climbed several flights of stairs to go down the big slide.  It goes SUPER fast (I don't even like it that much) and they rocked it!  Especially Ms. Rilyn who you could tell made a very brave decision to try something new and out of her comfort zone. Ryder just did it because we carried him to the top haha!

After that we went to the grocery store to get ice cream, went home had a healthy dinner and then watched Frozen over air popped popcorn and chocolate ice cream.  

Sunday we woke up and had uncle-nephew aunt-niece surprises.  Rilyn and I got matching red manicures while Ryan and Ryder tried to find a play place at McDonald's (NONE to be found-ugh!) so they got cinnamon rolls and dollar store treats instead.


Finally to finish our wonderful weekend we stopped at Krispy Kreme Donuts for sprinkle donuts and then happily dropped off two sugared-up, exhausted kiddos to their parents :)

We LOVE these kids and are so grateful for our quality time with them at such a fun age. They bless us with their sweet little hearts, curiosity, wonder, and hilarious thoughts.  Looking forward to more weekends with them as they grow!

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