Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween Party Fun

Happy November!
I cannot get enough of this cool, crispy weather.  I've made banana pecan bread, crock pot chicken noodle soup (with home grown chicken-say whaaa??) and have been making cups of tea like it's my job. 
We hosted a Halloween/Matt's birthday party which was so much fun!  We had pumpkins, farmers, cats, a creepy red guy and more all show up.  A chili dog bar, games, and trick-or-treaters was on the night's agenda.  SO much fun!
Ryan wore a CREEPY red body suit that made me laugh, I was a cat and the Stewarts were a cutie pregnant pumpkin and farmer
Peyton was Harry Potter.  I DIED when we walked in the door!
Matt was a lumber jack, Katie was an amazing lion and the Frieds were cool pilot people!
We were so glad to have these friends over!  Four of my busiest weeks at school were over and we just needed to unwind with good community and a night of fun.
More updates to come!

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