Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thriving in the Busy

At my school there is a notorious rumor that quarter 4 is nearly impossible.  The hardest, most frustrating, most time consuming, hardest quarter.  And I quickly learned over the last 11 weeks that the rumors were TRUE!

While July through mid-September was fairly rough on us we also found a few ways to thrive and I am proud of us for that.  

Here is what worked for us in a wild season :)

1.  Daily texts and phone calls.  
Throughout the day we were super intentional about texting to say hi, uplifting each other with a quick verse, or just spending our lunch breaks catching up.

It really added up at the end of the week that we were intentional with a few minutes each day.

2.  Laundry one day a week
It's crazy that we have enough clothes to get us through an entire week without even needing to do laundry but we do!  Our rule in the crazy times (and even now) was Sunday evening was laundry time.  

We would watch a show together and on commercials fold or put away laundry a few loads.  It was/is perfection.

3.  Separate laundry
We both know how to run the washing machine so it's not that we did our own laundry; I just divided it up by person to hasten the folding and putting away process.  

If one person's laundry went in, it all came back out.  No more missing socks, dividing up the clothes and running between two closets.  This is simplicity at it's finest.

4.  Costco
Twice a week we have a "Costco dinner".  We make a bulk trip to the blessed store of Costco one per month and bought at least eight freezer meals (2/week).  Lasagna, microwave healthy choice dinners, burritos, and quinoa bowls were favorites around here.  

Fast, no prep, and easily prepared after a busy day = two happy, fed, non-stressed Deckers

5.  10 minute timer
Ry and I have each committed in our busy seasons to complete 10 minutes of clean up or chores a day.  No more, no less.

We each take the initiative to set the timer on the microwave to 10 minutes and clean up one area of the house or complete one chore before the buzzer sounds.  You can accomplish SO much in that tiny little window--plus it's not an overwhelmingly goal and we can realistically do it each day.

6. Letting go
I used to (and would still love to) vacuum and mop several times a week.  I LOVE a clean house because I feel like we can really rest when our environment is peaceful.  But alas, no one can do it all.  
So in the busiest of times, I have let our floors get muddy from two puppies, we have eaten straight out of a pan because the dishes were dirty, and sometimes our home is messy. 


It is all ok if we are ultimately healthy, fed, and dressed!

Small ways to manage our lives still leaves us sane to go out to dinner!

With my parents!  We had Texas Roadhouse and it was delish

We hope these little tips help you and encourage you that you don't have to do it all. 

 Just set up a few goals like "We will wear clothes we usually ignore in an effort to cut down on daily laundry"  or  "Instead of a homemade meal that takes an hour tonight, I will microwave a healthy-ish meal that takes 3 minutes."

Enjoy the busy seasons too and pray for strength to thrive!

She looks well to the ways of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27


  1. Very inspiring and helpful tips. My life has recently been very busy and letting go has been very important. Can't do it all

    1. Yup, so very true! Sometimes it is more freeing to just say, "who cares??" HA!



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