Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Cookies w/ Rilyn

On Sunday night Ryan and I headed down to Castle Rock to hang out with his family.  We bought four bushels of roasted green chiles to clean and bag as a gift to his mom.  You buy the chiles on Federal (sketchy main street in Denver) and they roast them fresh in front of you, but that means you have to also clean the burned skins off and clean out the seeds at home so they can be eaten.

 My MIL loves to cook and can with them so it was a fun afternoon hanging out and working.  Fresh green chile casserole is our new favorite way to enjoy them!

Some of Ryan's siblings came for dinner too and we had a VERY fun night together.  We brought Ryder some toy trucks we came across recently and so of course had to get Rilyn a little surprise too.

We decided on pull apart and bake sugar cookies with Halloween prints on them.  

Spooky black cats and little jack o' lanterns!

I have to say, it was a hit!  I got some aunt/niece time with my sweet girl and Ryan played trucks with Ryder.  

Also, these were SO not cookies to decorate but that inventive, creative little niece of ours decided all colored sprinkles were necessary :)  

This is her masterpiece...

Little girl LOVES her some sprinkles.  At one point I said, "Rilyn, please don't drink the sprinkles!

#37 on the list of things I never thought I would say to a little kid someday, haha

She was so proud and happily watched each person force down enjoy their sprinkley creation!

Happy early Halloween fun, everyone!

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