Monday, September 29, 2014

Rilyn's Camera Skills

Our neice Rilyn is one of the greatest little girls you will ever meet.  Adventerous, caring, helpful, and apparently likes photography!

She borrowed Uncle Ryan's iphone for awhile on the camp trip and caught some ridiculous and funny, but also a few other good photos throughout the day.

Here is our camp trip through the eyes of this sweet girl:

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carly looking...strung out crazy.  Ryan's face might have been posed; mine definitely was not!


Grandma and Grandpa looking unsuspecting

This is my favorite one!  Tyler (her dad) is emptying the kiddie potty they brought along that Rilyn used quite often.  Haha!

These shots were a little more artistic :)  Trees, leaves, and our camp site.

Nice pics sweet girl!  We love you and your imagination and eye for the camera.

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