Monday, September 29, 2014

Rilyn's Camera Skills

Our neice Rilyn is one of the greatest little girls you will ever meet.  Adventerous, caring, helpful, and apparently likes photography!

She borrowed Uncle Ryan's iphone for awhile on the camp trip and caught some ridiculous and funny, but also a few other good photos throughout the day.

Here is our camp trip through the eyes of this sweet girl:

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carly looking...strung out crazy.  Ryan's face might have been posed; mine definitely was not!


Grandma and Grandpa looking unsuspecting

This is my favorite one!  Tyler (her dad) is emptying the kiddie potty they brought along that Rilyn used quite often.  Haha!

These shots were a little more artistic :)  Trees, leaves, and our camp site.

Nice pics sweet girl!  We love you and your imagination and eye for the camera.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Decker Camp Trip 2014

Last weekend all the Deckers packed up and headed out for a camping trip!  

Ryan's mom and dad, Yvonne and George were of course there. Ryan's oldest brother Tyler, his wife Anna and their three kids Rilyn (3.5), Ryder (2), and Sawyer (5 months).  Ryan's sister Stacey and her husband Jason plus their son Henry (3 months) came.  

The only sibling not there was Clint and his wife Megan plus their son Xander (10 months) because Clint had to work.  Boo! 

We clearly missed the Decker baby train right??  SO many little ones-we love it!

The scenery was breathtaking!  Big mountains, pines, low foggy clouds each morning. 

We drove about 2 hours to Deckers, CO to set up camp.  Ryan finished renovating the camper so that came along for George and Y-lo (what I call my MIL, don't ask) to sleep in.  Ry and I tent camped while the dogs slept in our truck's covered bed with quilts.


Does Ryan resemble a giant in this picture to anyone else?

Y-lo and I enjoying our set up camp!

We cooked out, explored around with the kiddos, made fires, talked, snacked, and just enjoyed being outside together.  Unfortunately Saturday night it POURED rain all night so our hot dog roasting/s'more making plans were ruined.

But Ryan got up the next morning and made everyone eggs, sausage, and toast for breakfast on his camp stove.  He loves being the cook on our camp trips.

Cue my mom saying, "Ooooh I'm so jealous!"  Y-lo said she was in her glory when I took this picture.  Two baby grandbears to keep her warm :)

This little lady and I spent most of the weekend together.  We explored, ate a s'more, played house in the camper, and took walks.  Ryder is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet.  That being said, he looked homeless all weekend because of how much he loved the dirt-haha!!

There were NINE dogs there between all of us (most chihuahuas) and they all had the best time.  I've never seen Grumps exhausted but he finally was Friday night from all the fresh air, teasing Rilyn, tromping through the woods, and fun.

We had a fire roaring non-stop to keep up warm.  So cozy!

Rilyn and Anna looking good and this happy boy is Sawyer who clearly had absolutely no fun on the trip

It was such a fun time!  We hope it's an annual tradition to connect our family, enjoy creation, and just unplug for a few days.  Time well spent!

Also, Rilyn borrowed our phone for awhile and announced she was taking pictures.  They are HILARIOUS and I'll post that next.  She is great at capturing the...unsuspecting...person and getting a great action shot. I laughed so hard when I saw what she got.  Love her!

The heavens are Yours, the earth is also Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them

Psalm 89:11

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sept '14 Update

This is going to HAVE to be a bullet point post.  It's just been too long!

1.  I finished Quarter 4 of nursing school.  Only 5, 6, and 7 to go.  I graduate in June with my BSN and am really looking forward to that day.

This quarter was...hellish tough.  The combination of classes, workload, clinical demand, and new job was entirely overwhelming.

I just told Katie that I felt like it was a trauma situation more than school!  I hope to never have another season of life like that ever ever ever ever ever ever ever again.  Onward to Quarter 5 where things are looking up!

My friend Nylah on our last day of mental health clinicals...this is just about how we all felt

2.  My sweet mom had shoulder replacement surgery last week.  This is a really big deal because she is young and healthy and sometimes you just can't help when your body turns on you.  She has been VERY brave and persevering after such a painful surgery.  

Prayers for a speedy, physical comfort, and a full recovery are appreciated for Mama Nelson aka Cleo

We waited in the surgery waiting area for 2 hours; Ryan played on the iPad and organized mail while I studied.

Ryan and I went for a walk outside and saw these gorgeous trees.  Good Samaritan is a crazy nice hospital with excellent staff!  And a good breakfast burrito.

3.  Even though very busy, I have found out that I love working at Children's Hospital and working with kiddos.  

I always said I would never work peds thinking it would just be too sad.  But it's actually very encouraging, very purposeful and those kiddos are the bravest short humans you will ever meet #truth

Children's is so incredibly special and I feel very blessed to have a position there so early on in my nursing career

4.  IT'S FALL!!!

I'm trying to soak up fall in every way possible.  Making chili, making pumpkin nutella swirl pumpkin bread with Katie, walks with Mom, sweaters, pumpkin granola, pumpkin spice lattes, new Bible studies, quiet early morning wake-ups

Tis the season!  I can never get enough of this amazing gift from the Lord.

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

Proverbs 18:16

Every color of the rainbow!

My mom and I walked the creek through Golden the other morning, but of course had to first stop and get a coffee

5.  Hoping the next few day of break can be slow and filling.  I have dreams of a drive up to the mountains for lunch to see all the leaves, church, friends over, date night with my husband, and SLEEP.

6.  Oh and we went on a big camping trip with all the Deckers last weekend.  It was a blast and I'll have pics up of that tomorrow.

He restores my soul.  He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Psalm 23:3

Monday, September 8, 2014

Annual Fall Excitement!

The annual autumn decoration house post!  My mom says I decorate for fall the way most people decorate for Christmas :)  

VERY true!

Here are links to posts past:
2010 We were traveling to China from our home in Saudi Arabia; God surprised us with a little Autumn foliage in Guilin, China.  So random and perfect!
2011 There were no fall house pictures because we were still renovating but a pumpkin patch was a pretty festive outing
  2012 Ryan was still recovering post-surgery and our house was a much needed retreat after all those weeks in the hospital
 2013 Last year I had fun doing a free house makeover with things already around!

This year I went with orange as the theme.  It's spunky, cozy, and the prefect amount of color.  Not a dollar spent again, but still so much fun to deep clean and turn our house into a warm little haven.

These are Japanese Lanterns from my aunt's garden  My absolute favorite fall decoration in history!

Our fall mantel made up of lanterns, a homemade book wreath, white porcelain, wheat, and the Japanese lanterns

The rest of the house had little pops of orange , pumpkins, chalkboard, or branches

The dining room just got a table cloth, a simple table settings, and a vase mixed with wheat and the lanterns

The orange all started with this soft little throw from my stocking last year--thanks mom!  The kitchen curtains got makeover and...duh...there's sweet cinnamon pumpkin soap at our kitchen sink

My mom and I have an annual tradition of going in September to get all thing fall from Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works.  It's our favorite mother-daughter fall date!

We get a pumpkin spice latte and then pick our our favorite scented soaps and candles.  We have the best time!  The only thing missing was my sister who lives out of state...but don't worry Linny, we bought you lots of treats too :)

Happy Fall!

He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding

Daniel 2:21

Friday, September 5, 2014

Texas Adventures

Over Labor Day we were in the wonderful land of Texas helping Matt and Katie ring in their second wedding ceremony!  It was SO fun to be included and get to celebrate (aka vacation) with them and the Bolt family.

The stunning sunset view from the lake house

We all flew out Thursday evening after I finished two big tests earlier that day.  We picked up the rental car, grabbed naughty delicious fried chicken at a fast food place, and drove two hours to Lufkin where Matt's parents live.

The Bolts are some of the most generous, hilarious, and welcoming people we have ever known!  We stayed at their gorgeous home and so enjoyed our time with them.  

Friday and Saturday we helped set up for the reception.  It was hosted in a barn on their property so while Ryan and Matt hung lights and lanterns, Katie and I helped Mama Bolt unpack groceries, clean, and make things look good.

Unfortunately I was sick (and still am) alllll weekend.  Ryan brought home a little cold that lasted less than 3 days for him, but I caught it and I'm going nearly a week strong with this bad boy.  I felt pretty terrible most of our vacation but thankfully could sleep and relax a lot.  

Which also explains why I have zero pictures of the weekend...ugh!

Sunday morning we packed up and headed to the lake house 45 minutes away.  Ryan calls it our dream house because it was decorated beautifully and backed up right to the water!!  

Ryan would jet ski and tube for hours, run in and eat fajitas, go back out...repeat.  Ha!  

Our only goal that weekend was to eat, sleep, play on jet skis.  I slept literally all weekend to ward off my cold and missed out on most of the water fun, but my husband had the time of his life!!

A day shot of the lake view and Ryan refueling on wedding cake.  I laughed out loud when I took this picture because he was OF COURSE still wearing his life jacket

And just for fun here is a little video of Grumps and Poppy.  They have been going into work with Ryan.  I stopped by this afternoon to say hi :)

We've got a weekend of rock climbing, working on the rental, fall-preparation, and church ahead of us.  Pictures to come of our autumn-decorated house and other random updates.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God,who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you

James 1:5


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