Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pre Gaming for Fall Everything!

It is no secret that fall is my all time favorite season!!!  I wish it were fall all year round--heaven!!

It's too early to decorate but after this weekend it will officially be September and then I'm pulling out my cozy blankets, fall kitchen curtains, getting yummy smelling candles with my mom, and putting away all things summer.  

No shame.

I have been cooking and baking a bit like it's fall (cooler temps this week were appreciated). Katie and I made chocolate chip zucchini bread the other night and we were also gifted home grown apples so applesauce was the obvious choice.  

For the applesauce I diced into large pieces, left peels on, steamed for 5 minutes and then pureed in my food processor.  No extra anything-just straight up delicious apples.  Gorgeous pink applesauce for snack!

Here is more of the harvest we are enjoying lately, either from our own backyard or gifted to us.  Nothing like fresh produce and eggs! 

Apples, eggs, zucchini, basil, and not pictured but heirloom and roma tomatoes!

Are you ready for one last yummy fall-ish recipe?  It's how coffee is being made every morning around here:

After your coffee is down brewing stir in a tsp or so of coconut oil until melted.  Then add almond milk and cinnamon creamer to taste.  Your taste buds will thank us both!  I like this creamer brand (below) because the ingredients are cream, milk, sugar, and flavoring.  

Can't get much simpler plus it's such a treat in the morning during quiet times or riding the light rail to Denver.

Ok here are a few other non-autumn desiring updates that are still good:

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Hacienda (Ryan's favorite Mexican spot) and stuffed ourselves on chimichangas, fish tacos, and sopapillas.  My Grandma is moving to Arizona so we and my parents all had dinner with her before she moved.

Ran shoving his nose into the tortilla warmer.  They have the greatest homemade tortillas!!

While school is crazy, I really appreciate a close knit community there.  A few of us walked over to a sketchy little diner that's hidden away and paid $3.50 for bacon, eggs, and a pancake.  Good company and artery-clogging yummy food.

Ashley, Mark, Nate, me, and Nylah

I'm sure you're wondering where those sweet little goldendoodles are!  I would never forget them.  

We try to take them to several parks around our house at least 5 days a week and these are pics from our adventures last weekend.  We have learned first hand tired puppies are well behaved puppies.  And having a 10 month old and 4 month old means A LOT of exercise around our house.

Grumples chases his tennis ball and Poppy chases him.  Great team work.

Grumps being very obedient before his ball is thrown!

I feel like I need a bullet point ending of these posts to not forget things!

-We closed on our rental yesterday afternoon-woop!
-I start my first day at Children's September 9th.  SOO excited about that!!
-School ends September 19th which absolutely cannot come soon enough
-We have a very fun weekend ahead that we will share about more next week
-Oh and Ry has a little head cold so prayers for a quick recovery are appreciated.  His immune system is constantly suppressed from the medicine he takes to manage Crohn's so we always like to see him recover quickly and prevent further issues

Have a spectacular weekend!

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