Thursday, August 7, 2014

New jobs, climbing, and updates

Wow I am getting a blog post up in August! Woo!

First of all, today is Ryder's 2nd birthday!  Happy Birthday handsome little man.  We chatted on the phone today and I heard he had chocolate muffins, a park adventure, and gifts on the agenda for the day.  How special!

I can officially say that the busiest part of the quarter is over. Med Surg II was a pretty good rotation and while I didn't get to practice any really fun nursing skills this time, I did learn a lot about time management and co-worker dynamics from what I observed on the floor...both important!

This was the the thank you gift we got our instructor.  She is super healthy she she got garden goodies and eggs.

I have to admit, Ryan and I had a LONG talk over the weekend about our disappointment in the rush of this season.  It is just ridiculous.  Our times with the Lord are not happening, date nights are kapoot and it's a miracle to get home two hours before bed.  I feel like I always bring this us on my post udpates, which may be a sign that things our action steps are stagnant.

A little failure in what we would like to be true can be growing to adjust our priorities and challenge us to realign, re-set, and take a deep breathe moving forward for change.  No season of life will be without it's crazy, and we want to do finish out this particular one well and balanced.  A running theme around here!

We need to take a cue from Grumps and chillax

Speaking of nursing and important...just yesterday I was offered a job at Children's Hospital.  I took it...duh!  The interview was last week and it was a blessing to hear that news.

  We are praising Jesus and celebrating today.  The position is for a Clinical Assistant and is 1 day per week, very manageable as the quarter winds down.  I am so thrilled to be working on the surgery unit which means I have a lot of patient and parent interaction, take vitals, enter data, hang with kiddos in the playroom before their surgery, and then discontinue IV's and get more vitals when they prepare to leave our floor. 

It is SUCH an honor to begin work at Children's; you can just feel the energy of excellence and compassion when you walk in the doors into their amazing hospital.  Absolutely thrilled!

In other news...this adorably fashionable sister of mine sent a wonderful care package my way in the midst of a wack job busy quarter.  I highly recommend Doterra's past tense blend for stress ease.  It was such a thoughtful, exceptionally well timed gift.

Why no we are not twins, but yes I would like to be based on her ridiculous stylishness in this picture

Jamba juice, water bottle, oils, and more!

Ryan's team took 2nd place in the championship ultimate frisbee game on Tuesday night.  They did SO well as their team has advanced from 4th place last season to now 2nd place rockstars.    My parents came to watch and cheer him on.  And by cheer him on I mean my mom spoiled her grand dogs while my dad and I actually watched ;)

Probably just saw Ryan scoring some mad points for his team

Action shot of this studly athlete (he is throwing the frisbee)

It's becoming a tradition to rock climb on Sunday afternoons post-church and lunch.  Such a wonderful, healthy rhythm to our weeks.  The black fur babies came with us this week which was slightly stressful at first but then we all collected ourselves and it was perfection.

Poppy looking like a lionness on her rock.  She promptly took a 2 hour nap after this pictre.  Bella (our friend's puppy) and Grumps made a lot of friends on the trail

Warming mom--close your eyes for this next picture!!

The rock face we climbed!  It is such a rush and the best upper body workout.   And the best climbing trail mix: banana chips, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and pecans.

Last few things I can think of:
-We close on our rental property later this month-awesome!
-There are almost 2 dozen pumpkins growing in the garden.  Come October it's pumpkin everything time!!
-Ryan is nearly done re-vamping the interior of the pop up camper so we hope it take it out soon to enjoy it
-Grumps and Poppy are the cutest animals on the planet.  Fact.

Ok that might need to be it for this post!  Another post on Ryan's 2nd Stomaversarry is on the works and I'll be back as I get two days off next week.  Score!


  1. Yay! You will be the best CNA at children's. What a great way to get some experience while you are still in nursing school.

    Hopefully next summer we will live in CO and Justin and I can come to some of Ryan's games too.

    1. Omg we will pee our pants with happiness if you guys move back!!!



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