Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mid-August Randamosity

#1 Hold on to your hearts people because these two angelic little faces are about to steal them away forever!!!

These are my sweet babies, can you tell who is who?

Miss Poppy is on the left (picture taken today) and Mr. Grumples is on the right, picture taken when he was approximately 14 weeks or so.  ADORABLE.

Ugh I cannot love my two fur babies anymore than I already do.

#2.  Quick Chickpea and Kale stew was for dinner tonight and it was delish!  We poured it over a a quinoa, amaranth and millet blend from Costco which was super yummy and healthy.  I highly recommend this recipe for a very filling, wholesome, FAST weeknight dinner (you guys will especially love it, Beth!)

#3  The sunset yesterday was out of this world stunning.  These was an enormous hazy cloud looming over the foothills we are backed up to that captured all the light and it all showed up purple/blue/yellow for awhile and then the evening faded into orange.  

Once it was dark we sat on our back porch while a storm raged overhead complete with thunder and lightning.

Our favorite!

#4  Please read this daily devotional from John Piper's Solid Joys.  I cannot express to you how deeply this is ministering to us on many, many levels.

There is only one basic reason why we disobey the commands of Jesus: it’s because we don’t have confidence that obeying will bring more blessing than disobeying.
-John Piper

We have been deeply challenged in the recent weeks to let go of many of our own expectations or comforts; the image that keeps coming to our mind is that of a tightly clenched fist and God is slowly unworking each finger, gently inviting us to be more obediently free.  What joy!

  All I really know is that if it weren't for my gracious God and incredible leader of a husband, I would so often miss the growth and purpose right in front of me!

I am so confident that this devotional has some level of fresh truth to speak to anyone who will read it.  Have at it!

#5 That's about it for us here at the Decker house.  Ryan is off playing in his new fall season of ultimate frisbee while I ice my knee and study.  Blah.  I had MRI's done yesterday but I won't know the results until this coming week. Updates to come!

Finally, am I the only one mentally preparing for everything pumpkin starting next month?

I thought not.

Happy almost Friday!

By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.
Psalm 42:8



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