Friday, August 8, 2014

2nd Stomaversarry

We cannot believe Ryan's 2nd Stomaversarry rolled around on July 30th!!!  WOW. Celebrations were a week late but it was still a big important event around the Decker casa.

Read here to catch up on a stomaversarry

It is very, very important to us that we mark and celebrate the surgery that not only saved Ryan's life from a violent case of Crohn's but gave him back his life to the point of thriving.  We are so grateful for the Lord's creativity to let someone invent this surgery and for making our surgeon's mind and hands capable to perform the procedure on Ryan.

Last year we went to Cirque du Soleil which was such a memorable event.  This year we went to Steuben's (hippest restaurant of life) for dinner and then Ryan got to buy some climbing gear at his favorite outdoor store.  

Steuben's is a favorite of ours and we FEASTED on crispy Brussels sprouts (best thing on the menu, no joke), deviled eggs, and shortie beers to start.  Then we had bacon wrapped meatloaf, homemade biscuits, fish and chips and coleslaw.  Followed by truckstop chocolate cake and fried apple pie.

Then we went home and had a heart attack.

The end.

I asked Ryan if he ever thought that this time 2 year ago he would be CELEBRATING this life changing surgery.  He said no; when an ostomy was first brought up it was scary and we thought our life was ending in a lot of ways.  

What a shock to find out he still climbs, bikes, works, runs, travels, and more with his ostomy.  While we didn't know we had anything to celebrate July 30, 2014 we rejoice over this good gift.

It's so fun to look forward to a new event to mark and remember his stomaversarry each year.  But it doesn't matter how we celebrate, but that we do and that we do it with overflowing, thankful hearts for Ryan's life and health!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above...

James 1:17


  1. Wow! The restaurant sounds delicious. So glad you guys could do something extra special to celebrate! HAPPY STOMAVERSARRY RYAN JOHN DECKERS!

    1. We are taking you two there next time you're home!!

  2. Happy stomaversary, Ryan! Thanks for helping him to thrive, Carly! With love, Silvia and Antonio

  3. Hi Ryan and Carly. I just read your post about how you spent hours arguing on your 2nd wedding anniversary. Yes, I googled the following: arguing on wedding anniversary. Last Thursday, my husband and I spent the day of our 10 year wedding anniversary arguing. It still hurts. No gifts, or date or nice words said . . . instead we reminded each other of all the many things that we hate about each other instead of telling each other all the things we love about each other. Not sure if we will recover from this one. It is Sunday and pride is still getting the best of us. I am especially hurt. I guess I felt that he could have held back some of his anger in order to preserve a very special day . . . I look back at 10 years of trying my best, thinking that this was the perfect day to celebrate our efforts over the years. Hopefully the coming days will numb the hurt. Thanks for your post, at least I don't feel so alone reflecting on this.

    1. It's easy to feel alone when we fight with our spouses and aren't "perfect". But I can promise you that NO ONE and NO marriage is perfect. I pray you two can reconcile, move forward in renewal, and just love each other well today. Thank you for reading!



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