Saturday, August 16, 2014

2, Nephews, and More

We spent the afternoon celebrating a big 2 year old boy today!  Ryder turned 2 years old last week and today he had a very fun train birthday party with lots of family and some of his own cute little friends too.

Smiley boy!  And deciding how to blow out the candles on his marshmallow filled cupcake

Ryan and his dad, George.  Two goofballs

Two other sweet baby nephews!  Sawyer on the left and Xander on the right

And THIS little muffin is sweet baby Henry who is just 6 weeks old!  This picture isn't from the party today but I couldn't brag on all our other nephews without getting him some love on here.  When the Deckers get together it is a crazy baby party.  All of Ryan's siblings have 1-3 kiddos each and we ADORE being aunt and uncle to them all.  

(Rilyn was running around at the party but was too busy for a picture which is so sad because I french braided her hair and it looked totally adorable!)

Henrrrrrryyyy!!!  You look so serious here, dude

Pre-party we of course (what else?!) went climbing with Matt and Katie at 9:00 am this morning.  We saw the Bolts four times this week--luckily we all get along :) My husband lead-climbed several new routes and I was so proud of his bravery and skill.

It's so rewarding to see strength developing in our climbing skills all while getting great time outdoors and with people.  Absolutely in love with rock climbing.

Ryan's new gear he bought with birthday money, he takes very good care of it :)

Besides today, this week had a wonderful gift in store for us!  My clinical schedule was switched around at the last minute so Monday and Tuesday were wide open and free this week.  Score.

I was running VERY low on energy in all ways and just needed 48 hours to re-set.

Ryan was home feeling sick Monday with dehydration and electrolyte issues from a busy day before, so he took a sick day.  We watched movies while I did laundry, drank coffee and organized in between.  Pretty perfect day together even though he was running low :(

During my time off we also spent some time rock climbing with Matt and Katie, Chris and Tamara, and Ashely and Shane (these two moved to Sweden several years ago and are back visiting!).  It was a really special evening outside with some of our favorite people, enjoying good fellowship and stunning creation.

The gorgeous river and mountains right off our routes.  The sound of the river is so relaxing, plus throw in fresh air and exercise and we are ready for a good night's sleep afterwards

Thursday I got my knees checked out by an orthopedic surgeon and while Dr. Vidal was GREAT, the x-ray and exams were inconclusive.  Ugh.

He said my x-rays were clean, showing healthy 25 year-old joints so it was weird that I was reporting such pain and discomfort.  I have MRI's ordered for next Wednesday and then we'll reevaluate.  I'm still pretty confident there is a meniscus injury on the left but we will have to wait and see post-MRI.  It's very, very frustrating to want to be active and have so many limits from my own joints.

It will be a glorious day when I can hike and climb and bike and WALK without pain.

We will update more later on about life updates, gardens, puppies, and other random stuff.  Hope you have a relaxing, restful Sunday and a really sweet week!


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