Friday, July 25, 2014

The Epic Bolt Wedding!

We have been to a lot of weddings in our days, but only a few have been as special to us as the Bolt wedding.

It alllllll started back on the other side of the world, in a closed middle eastern country when we first met Katie.  She introduced herself to us and we instantly liked her because she wore chacos :)

  Ryan and Matt had been friends for 5+ years at this point and traveled out there together, both of insane scholarships, to get their Master's degrees at KAUST. That's the 2 second version of how we ended up in Saudi frickin Arabia!

Anywho, Matt and Katie also met in the summer of 2010 and we all just remained close friends over the last 4 years.  That whole time Ryan and I have been secretly (probably not so secretly) praying these two would FINALLY get hitched already.

And then this last fall, our wildest dreams came true and these two dear, cherished friends started dating!  Woop!  July 12 was their beautiful, wonderful wedding day and we were so honored to celebrate and love these two on their special day.

We road tripped out to Tennessee and it was worth every second of that 22 hour drive.  So here are some pictures and all I can say is that their wedding so perfectly captured their love for each other, people, and God's creation.  

The rehearsal dinner was amazing.  An authentic New Orleans chef catered the evening with jambalaya and whiskey bread pudding among other amazing dishes. Right: the backdrop to our southern evenings...a lazy river, wooden swim dock, chirping frogs, lightning bugs, and lush green trees

Their wedding was outdoors, in her parent's "backyard" (read: massive dream-like field of beauty) complete with a small house for hosting

The bride and groom, all excited at the rehearsal dinner

On the wedding day.  Us to the left and a little shot of Katie's parent's gorgeous home to the right

How stunning is this??  Long tables covered in wild flowers canopied with twinkling lights.  You can't see it here, but there were mason jars hanging from twine on every tree branch and it was unbelievable at night

The centerpieces we styled from Katie's vision and they turned out beautifully! The wheat, sunflowers, cloth was all so perfectly Matt and Katie.  And the delicious cupcake tower

Ryan and Matt, friends for nearly 10 years now

Their ceremony was absolute perfection.  Their vows were so moving and personal.  They washed one another's feet as a first act of service to each other.  Not pictured here, but a very meaningful moment for us was when we along with Katie's brother and sister-in-law prayed over them during a favorite worship song.  Just wow!

Finally, bride and groom!!!

Their wedding and new life is such an answer to prayer and an example of God's perfect and gracious timing.  We are honored to have front row seats into their new roles as husband as wife because they are absolutely better together than apart!

Celebrating the new Bolts!  

And we all fly out together to celebrate again when we head to Texas in 5 weeks for their second reception.  A beach house, jet skis, family celebrations, and most importantly a continued remembrance of what God has done in their lives awaits!

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