Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rock Climbing Addicts

Here's the bad news:  I have very strong suspicions that my left meniscus is torn, albeit, mildly.  
Here's the good news:  It happened doing something we LUH-UVE!  Rock climbing.

While it is important to protect the one and only knees you have, it's also impossible to park my butt on the couch when there is a big wide world of mountains and exploring and adventure to have.  It may seem silly compared to a lot happening in the world, but we are asking and trusting the Lord to heal up my knees and let me be active again-even if it is slowly!

A knee brace and some daily icing therapies did help me get back to working order for a Friday evening climb this weekend.

This is a particularly frustrating injury however, because I busted my right knee marathon training years ago and now it is sensitive to cycling, hiking, and obviously running.  


Despite the kinetic frustrations, we still enjoy it and surprisingly learn so much each time we head out  As we set up the ropes, and Ryan repelled down a 200 ft rock face, and I climbed up tens of feet higher...we talked about trust.  Trust in Ryan's knot tying abilities, trust in the equipment, trust in each other as we belayed one another from the bottom.

Should we ever lead premarital counseling for another couple we will make them go rock climbing together as a trust exercise, ha!  That or tandem biking...

We pray together before either of us starts climbing up the rock; asking for protection, praying for excellent time together, and thanking the Lord for creation.  Climbing is truly such a gift to us to connect in a busy season and be filled up deeply and fully from God's incredible creativity in making nature and the natural playground in our own backyard.

Thankful for my husband's adventurous spirit and his love of health and our invaluable time connecting in such a fun, inspiring way.


  1. You guys are so active and so healthy! I love this new hobby. Can't wait to try it out with you.

    1. It will be so fun to take you guys to rock climb. It is so much fun!!



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