Thursday, July 24, 2014


Wow I cannot believe this space has been empty for almost 3 weeks.  Things have obviously been super hectic!

I was warned Quarter 4 of nursing school would be wild. is.

This is the exact mid-way point of my program and I think they kick it in high gear to make sure we're up for the mental and physical challenges of nursing.  While a lot of our "normals" have subsided for these weeks, I still have a very supportive husband that is cheering me along everyday.

 And a much deserved shout out to my generous mom who loves us so well and helps us out with the dogs and around the house every week.  Who does that??  It is such a blessing to us.

Thank you MOM!!!!  She seriously rocks our busy world us so much with meals, cleaning and more. 

Last nursing thing to share.  I started my first official IV on Monday in my patient's hand.  Woop woop.

Ok, enough of school!

We've been having some fun too.  Ryan, Katie, Matt and I all went rock climbing on Saturday.  It was a much needed relief from studying.  It was my first time going and let's just say this: I am addicted!  I LOVE it.  Being outside, using every muscle group in the body, trusting your belayer, and great time with friends is perfection.

Rock climbing, as I found out it, is so unique because you get this incredible time in nature and exercising but it's relaxed enough at times to really still have good conversation and invest in the people you went out with.  I love that.

We are headed back out this weekend, much to my mom's anxiety of us hanging 70 feet up from the ground my a little rope :)

Prepping for our climb with LOTS of gear

Ryan and Matt climbing and the newly married Bolts, obviously very happy with life ;)

This amazing climb is just 10 minutes from our house.  So beautiful

Speaking of Matt and Katie, those two lovebirds got married July 12 and I have a whole other post of wedding pics coming about them.  It was such a gift to see them married and now get to double date and do life with them in this new season.

Wahoo!!!  The new Bolt family

Ryan, Marc, Casey and I all road tripped out to Tennessee for it!  And it just so happened to be Cow Appreciation Day on our second driving day so we got free Chick-Fil-A all day.

Finally, Ryan has been busy busy with work too.  Today for instance he was in meetings from 7:30 am-3:30 pm.  He is in a busy, fulfilling season at work right now and being an incredible provider for our family. 

 He has also been working really hard on our newest project...

We are in the process of buying the house next door to us to use as a rental property.  Ryan is a fantastically organized person so he is rocking out all the appointments, e-mails, and necessary evils of buying a house.  I'm grateful for him and we love what a smart investment property this is.

These two black furry babies are looking especially cute today!  Poppy is getting nice and chunky which is great because she was the little runt of the litter.  But she is still a little squirt which we love about her.

Grumps is a tennis ball fanatic still and we just threw the ball around last night at the park while Ryan played ultimate frisbee and I took a 45 minute study break.  

Balance is key with rest and school-at least attempting it, anyway!

Some other things we are looking forward to in the coming weeks:

Med/Surg II clinicals ending--hallelujah and welcome back freedom!
Movie in the park on Friday nights in Golden
Watching our pumpkins grow in the garden (5 officially coming in already!)
Harvesting blackberries in August
Celebrating Ryan's 2nd Stomaversarry and relfecting
Ryder's 2nd Birthday Party!
Traveling to Texas over Labor Day weekend for the Bolt's second reception
Starting the Bible study, Abide, with Katie

Lot's of good things happening this summer as life is bustling on!

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