Monday, July 7, 2014

Back to School Quarter 4

First of all here are some shots of Rilyn from our visit a week ago.  We collected and washed eggs which was very fun.  She ended up doing all my dishes too because this girl LOVES to clean!

It was serious business, people.

And wouldn't you officially starts back up Wednesday!

My first day of quarter 4 starts with what's called a "SIMS Lab" where we basically practice on a half a million dollar human looking robot that talks, cries, sweats, labors, etc.  We're given a medical scenarios and tasks (start an IV or cath, give meds etc) and it's actually pretty life like.  
Our instructor talks through a microphone behind one way glass and is the voice to our patient while also manipulating the computer that runs the robot to change vitals, respond to meds and more.  It's insane what technology is available!

The rest of the group observes on a TV screen in another room.  Eeek!

I've enjoyed SIMS in past quarters and think it's good practice for pressure filled moments of decision making (aka when our robot patient cores and we have to give it CPR!) and having eyes on you.

It it so crazy to think graduation is less than 1 year away.  Wow the time is just flying and I just anticipate the next 11 months to be growing, challenging, and so very shaping.

This particular quarter will be particularly busy, contrary to my initial beliefs.  Two classes and two clinicals a week actually adds up to more than expected.  Calculate commuting and studying in addition to clinicals, labs, and classtime and I'm looking at 60+ hour weeks


To prepare for the very busy next 12 weeks "food prep hour" has been recently inaugurated into our home.

The fruits of our labor for a delish lunch!  Red lentil dahl, salad, pita bread, and loaded fruit smoothie

 Basically once a week I slice and dice up fresh fruit and vegetables, saute up meat, and cook a big batch of grains (rice or lentils usually) and it can't take me more than 60 minutes.  Then refrigerate all the goodies and we have ready basic, prepped additions for stir fries, casseroles, crock pot meals and more.

I did it today for the week and it only actually took me 20 minutes to prep enough produce, meat, and brown rice for 3 full meals + leftovers.  

Huge stress reducer!!

I'll update on if this is a sustainable option once school revs up :)

AHHH!!  Little Rilyn who looks 17 in this picture, how I love you!! #matchingbuns

That's it for us!  We are rock climbing this evening so I'll tune back in with pictures from that.  Hope you have the greatest, most joyful week!

Because he turned his ear to me,
    I will call on him as long as I live.

Psalm 116:2


  1. Could little Rilyn be an cuter? I love the pic with her chubby little arm holding the egg under the water.

    Good luck diving back into school! You are the smartest nursing student I know!

  2. I knew you would like this post Linny because it's all Rilyn! Thanks and ill text you Wednesday to tell you how it goes



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