Monday, June 30, 2014

Paying Attention

First things first, we need your help.  We have connected with two new friends, Kenny and Sarah, via Colorado Ostomy (previously, Reaching For Fringe) and they are in desperate need.

Kenny is battling currently undiagnosed GI issues, but signs certainly point towards a violent autoimmune problem.  Kenny is scheduled for more surgeries in the coming weeks, including the placement of an colostomy YESTERDAY!

They have both been forced to stop working as Kenny receives 24/7 hospitalized care and he requires the full support from Sarah, his sweet wife, as he is so desperately ill. Not only that, but they are hours and miles from their home and community.

As neither Kenny or Sarah can work as they are so far from home a Give Forward account has been set up to assist in this time of crisis.  Would you consider reading about their journey here and supporting this amazing couple as you see fit?  We have grown to know these two over the last month and hope you will help lift them up as we remember the nearly identical situation Ryan and I faced ourselves just 2 years ago.

Sarah and I have been in conversation the last few weeks about all that has happened to them.  In an e-mail this morning I shared with her this verse that was brought to my attention in my morning quiet time...

The Lord opened her heart to pay attention...
Acts 16:14

This little blurb of scripture caused me to think about how I want to be leaning into difficult situations.  The obedience and relationship between Lydia (the woman being described in Acts 16) and her God is so intimate.  

She was available to the heart opening and it took unhindered faith to pay attention to what God was showing her and what she was to learn.

Active faith and the allowance of a God-movement in her midst, like Lydia, is what encourages me this morning...


In other news my man went rock climbing on Saturday for Matt's bachelor party.  Ryan made a big group of guys delicious, filling breakfast and they all ventured off into the mountains of Golden to rock climb.  They had a blast!

Ryan getting his climb on!  How legit does he look up there??

A good group of men!

And yesterday we were happily surprised by one short little blonde vegetarian making her way up to see us.  The one and only, Rilyn Grace!

Ryan's parents were coming up anyway for a visit so this little niece came too.  Ryan and his dad are flipping an old 1973 apache camper.  It's dirty, hard work but dang these two are smart and figured out gear boxes, lift systems and more.  I've just been assigned to very "hard work" of making it look pretty inside.

Done!  And I like this as inspiration...

While the boys worked on the camper, Rilyn stayed cool in the sprinklers, playing in Grumples' and Poppy's pool, and chomping on blueberries.  I put her in my swim shirt and she played happily for hours.

I was laughing at how Rilyn and Grumples would argue over toys and then make up and chase each other and then start at it again.  It was seriously the funniest-I felt like I had two siblings on my hands!

Here is the BEST quote of the night...

"Poppy is a knucklehead.  Her sure am!"


Here is Rilyn staying cool and getting soaked...

Happy last day of June 2014, people!  We hope your week is full of attention to God's voice and the undeniable movements of his Spirit.

Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed,
    and the ears of those who hear will give attention.

Isaiah 32:3


  1. Hahah! I am obsessed with cutie Rylin. I love her quote about poppy!



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