Thursday, April 10, 2014

Springtime Joy

What's up spring?!  We were literally SO bummed the other day when the weather reverted back to freezing cold, I think it was Monday??  We are spring/summer people!

 Since it's nice out we live on the back on the porch, bike, run, garden, yardwork, landscape, walk with Grumpies, and anything else we can do outside!  What have you been up to outside?

On my later mornings I have coffee on the rocking chairs out back and Ryan bikes his healthy butt to work every morning in the sunshine.  Praise Jesus!

  Do you remember the days when he couldn't even do a lap around the kitchen island from pain and weakness and all his ribs were sticking out?  

How overwhelmingly far we've come...

I was thinking about this blog and how the deeper thoughts or life lessons are a little on the lighter side lately.  There was SO much of that last year and the year before.  Struggles, challenges, hardship, etc.  And while we're still learning and growing it is nice to just record our daily adventures and see how good life is right now!

One thing I do want to remember is how I've been reading through scripture lately, and maybe it will encourage you too!

I pick one book of the Old Testament and one of the New Testament to work through simultaneously.  I read one chapter per day in each and after reading it several times and underlining/marking up what initially sticks out I ask these three questions:  

1.  Lord why did you bring this scripture to my attention today?
2.  What does it show me about your heart and character?
3.  How do you want me to apply it and take action today?

Awesome right?!  The wise Laura over at Missional Women suggested it and it's phenomenal.  It puts me in the scene of scripture and makes me responsible to not just read, but listen to God's voice and act.  

Try it out :)

Here are a few more things we've been up to...

Cardboard boat races!  We go to this every year.  The school Ryan graduated from, Colorado School of Mines, puts on this hilarious race where the participants can only use cardboard and duct tape.  The water is freezing and I secretly like when people sink, ha!

E-Days fireworks!  E is for "engineer".  This even is so special to us!  Our parents first met each other at these fireworks 5 years ago when we were dating.  We've got back every single year since!

This dude had great veins.  I started several IV's on his yesterday and not a peep of complaints!  Oh yeah, Nursing School just got real.

So these next few photos were my very last minute attempt to get decent, recent photos of us.  The Great Comeback committee needed some recent shots of our mugs for the award ceremonies and publications.  

So we obliged with this gorgeous shot...

JK we sent them a boring serious one...

DANG husband you are looking spectacular!

How can I not publish this picture?  Does Ryan not look like a dang stud here?  Yum.

So anywho, that is what's up party people!  I've got 50+ hours of studying, classes, clinicals, commuting, and labs to accomplish each week.  Pretty insane, no?  That's not even counting regular life.

I love the crap out of it but this quarter I'm in for a ride in terms of time management and seeing my people.  Oh well, God is good and we will figure it out.

Pray for Ryan's trip to Utah if you would that his speeches would go well, his flights would be safe, and that astounding purpose and connections related to Crohn's and ostomies would come of this trip.

Speaking of autoimmune diseases of the butt...check out Reaching For Fringe when you can...we've been publishing a lot lately and you'll see more product reviews, encouragement, and other goodies there in the new few weeks.

But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.

Jude 1:20-21


  1. I love the idea of asking those three questions! I've been following a chronological plan, but so often those verses are just what I need to hear, even though I'm just reading as the plan states. I'm going to start asking those! I like how you read too, the idea of one book from each, and I might add that onto my plan (it's a fairly easy one, taking an entire year with a few chapters a day).

    Your blog is so dang encouraging! I love seeing how amazingly awesome Ryan is doing, and how you're tackling nursing and doing so well!!! Praying for Ryan's trip, and for your school schedule and that hopefully you can see your people often enough to keep your soul light. 50 hours is CRAZY, but you are made for this!!!

    Last thought: the verses at the end are just what I needed to hear today, so thank you!


    1. Yay what an encouraging comment Amber!! Let me know how it goes asking those questions. has tons more great ideas if you ever need them for your time with the Lord.

      Thanks for your sweet words!

    2. Awesome, I'll check it out!!! And I will let you know how the questions go. I fell asleep studying for a microbiology quiz last night and didn't read my daily verses so I'm doubling up tonight, and will be asking! :D

  2. Those questions were spot on!!!! Amazing share! :)



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