Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pain to Purpose

We have been shocked at the fast and beautifully unexpected journey we've had into the community of the Great Comebacks.

If you haven't heard, Ryan won the Great Comebacks Award for the west region!

The Deckers boys taking full advantage of life and the snow

The sponsor company of Great Comebacks is Convatec.  They manufacture all types of medical equipment and really value knowing and sharing the stories of the people their products serve. They fund and encourage this program-we are so grateful for the investment.

The entire process has become an even bigger deal that we realized!  Ryan flies to Salt Lake in April for recognition and to receive his regional award.  Then later in April we fly to North Carolina for a video to be made about his Crohn's and ostomy story! 

For the video shoot they are renting out space at a vineyard or resort and flying us along with the other 5 regional winners out for the weekend.  Everything is covered from food to flights to the stylists and makeup teams waiting for us.  My mind is blown.

He can bench press puppies with his ostomy

Then we spend our two days on the ground sharing Ryan's story with the videography team and the significant pieces that brought us to recovery and a place of thriving.  It will be an emotional weekend and such a gift to extend this story out.

The purpose of the video is to show it at the national conference in Nashville (we're also being flown out to that!) where one of the five  regional winners will be picked as a national Great Comebacks recipient.  Ryan's story and video gets shared there and on the company website to encourage others.


Ryan tells me again and again that this award brings more purpose to the horrible season of suffering he faced.  If we're honest, we don't always see meaning behind his sickness and some of the everyday struggles of being an ostomate.  

However God is faithfully unfolding this journey more and widening our eyes to see beyond what our finite brains can understand.

This video and award opportunity will give Ryan a large national platform to influence, impact, mentor, and give hope to other Crohn's sufferers and ostomates.

Our minds are blown and our hearts are full.  This is such an exciting season for both of us, but especially for Ryan who deserves to be recognized and honored for the unbelievable comeback he has made.

My man is so ripped!

He is our praise.
Deuteronomy 10:21

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