Monday, March 24, 2014

On To Quarter 3...

I'm going to be a 3rd quarter nursing student!  Only 5 more quarters to go until graduation in June 2015.  Boom!

These first few months of school have literally flown by me.  I've learned SO much about so many things and am amazed daily at the new skills I get to be equipped with.  I know about 0.0004847% of all nursing knowledge so I'm a a pretty huge newb but hey, I can give you an intramuscular injection and not too many people can do that ;)

Quarter 2 finished Friday morning after my final check off that was over medications and injections.  Phew!  It feels so great to be done.  This program is hard work, balance, and some major dedication.  I absolutely love it.  Not one complaint.

Sweet friends!  Nate, myself, Ashey (aka Smash), and Laurel

Wednesday after most of our written finals and big tests, our cohort went out for drinks at the Viewhouse.  It was a gorgeous afternoon for being with friends on a Denver rooftop celebrating.  

I don't think it's super common that other cohorts at school get along like all of us do.  There is such little drama and we all enjoy each other so much.  It's such a gift!  The Lord placed some amazing people in this group at DSN.

Quarter 3 also brings some new adventures!  I start clinicals at a long term care facility in early April.  This is a chance to practice all the skills I've been learning in the past 6 months of lab like assessment, medication administration, injections, catheters, etc. 

It will be deeply challenging to work with real patients and heartbreaking at times.  I anticipate it to be rewarding to help aid people in gaining back their health and very tiring.  On top of school and studying I spend over 24 hours in clincals each week.  Dang!!

So that is what's up with school!!  My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for this opportunity, the relationships, the education, and the opportunities before me.

Updates to come as the adventure unfolds...

I know, O Lord, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.

Jeremiah 10:23

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