Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Events Extravaganza

We've had fun things on our plates the last few weeks!  Last Thursday we volunteered at an event called WeFeed that is so dang legit.  

This organization exists to implement sustainable, holistic projects around the world that solve a variety of issues communities face.  Medical, water, food, business, etc.  

Healing Waters, the company Ryan works for, is WeFeed's clean water solution so that is how we got hooked up with them!

My favorite part of WeFeed is that they desire to address and extinguish toxic philanthropy; an unfortunate phenomena that turns international communities into unintentional, dependent beggars from the band-aid fixes that American charities often implement.  Yikes.  It's complex but there is a way to go about addressing issues of poverty in a healthy, healing way!

Anyway, we had so much fun explaining the HWI model, answering questions, and getting spoiled at this beautiful event.

Our table and us at the event.  Ryan answered so many questions and is literally so smart.  People get so excited about clean water and it's thrilling to show them how it's done in field!

In other news, this little hooligan got a much needed haircut.  I probably cut 3 inches of hair off of him and he looks so darn cute now.

Dude looks like he exploded

So cute in fact that he thinks he is such hot stuff and can get on the couch and into the front seat...both things he is NOT allowed to do!  ;)

Am I obsessed with this my black fur baby?  Most likely.

As a part of Global Health Perspectives, an organization at school I am involved with, we have to volunteer 6 hours at two different locations.  I chose HWI and Bonfils Blood Center.  Giving blood is so fast and truly changes lives!  Plus you get free cookies and juice.

I found out I'm a rare donor because of these random antibodies I have so I better keep on giving they tell me!  Done!

Festive green band for St. Patty's Day

Last fun news.  These two are finally engaged!!!  Praise Jesus!

Ryan and I have secretly been wanting them to get married since 2010 and here it is 2014 and it's happening!  Wahoo!  Katie and Matt are two of our absolute favorite friends. Their relationship is so based on Jesus and it is so fun to see their story continue to unfold.

Matt actually flew to Jordan (where Katie is currently working) to propse and I just about peed my pants when we facetimed to chat about it!  WAHOOO!!!! 

Future Bolts!!!

Ryan and I were just talking today about what a whirlwind April and May will be for us.  I start a new school schedule and clinicals and Ryan Decker has 5 trips planned in 3 months time!

Utah, North Carolina, Haiti, New York, and Tennessee.  All but Haiti is for the Great Comebacks award/events and Haiti is for HWI purposes.  Whew!  Busy dude.

Prayers for a peaceful approach for the next two months without stress or being overwhelmed would be such a gift. For now, this quarter is getting finished out strong and then we're off for a vacation in the mountains.  

Yes please!

...loving the Lord your God, obeying His voice, and holding fast to him, for he is your life
Deuteronomy  30:20

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