Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spontaneous and Weekend Stuff

Our weekend was wonderful!  Weather in Colorado mid-February has been on the whole gorgeous.  We turned off our heat and slept with our bedroom window open Thursday night!!  


 Earlier that day my study group and I all grabbed ourselves some coffee and cracked open our books to work on the roof of the school.  There is a great patio up there and we soaked up the incredible sunshine!

Saturday, while Ryan had a guy's crokinole/lunch afternoon, I walked Grumps about two miles through town because it was so, so nice.  Today it's 65 degrees again, so after church with my family, we headed to the park to have more outdoor time with the little furry man.

Nice weather has been such a gift and really lifted us our of our February funk.

Ryan and Grumps learning to play frisbee.  Grumples now knows shake, down, sit, drop it, and is learning roll over.  What a genius!

Although the weather wasn't awesome to us Friday night.  Golden is pretty much a gigantic valley as we're backed up the foothills and walled in by smaller tabletop mountains.  The wind gets caught in that valley and Friday night it was like a hurricane outside! 

So at 2:30 a.m. neither of us could sleep.  We weren't putting up with it so we got out of bed, poured big bowls of cereal and watched 2 hours of Grey's Anatomy until sleep finally found us again.

SO fun and spontaneous.  I love times like that with my man.

Sunday post-church lunch.  But make it with yogurt instead of butter or milk.  Yum!

I took a break from studying this weekend because midterms are in the next week along with lab check offs and research due dates.  A break was needed. My motto is work hard Monday-Friday and rest on the weekend (when possible).

It's nice to have 48 hours to breathe and recharge at the end of the week.

Actually next week I have to demonstrate that I know three skills for my lab professor: putting down an NG tube, inserting a catheter, and changing a wound from wet to moist dressing.  All but the NG tube are "sterile technique" which is so much work but a really big deal.  I'm not feeling terribly nervous but it's a pass/fail sort of deal and I want to be confident!

Myself and the little black wild man!

Other than that we have a good week ahead of us!  Tonight we are going to church with my friend from school who is majorly searching for some answers and direction in his life.  Prayers for him to be ministered to at church would be so appreciated.  I get so excited about things like this!

Happy beautiful Sunday all!

Oh, P.S. these were Ryan's Valentine's Day present to me along with a big bottle of red wine.  Tulips are my absolute favorite flower and these white ones were so elegant.

For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.

1 John 3:11

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