Saturday, February 1, 2014

Painting and Wine

Wednesday night Ryan Decker took me to a painting class and wine tasting to finish out my birthday night.  It was SO fun! Our paintings turned out better than we thought but we still wanted them to be as good as the teacher's :)  We recommend this type of event!

You wine taste before and during and turns out you can brings snacks in!  I would bring chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and crackers, and nuts next time.

 We had a pretty big class-18 or something.  Ryan was the only boy :)

 It's us!  And a slightly blurry picture of my master artist husband getting his paint on.  She walks you through each step which makes it really doable.

Not from the class, but this is the lovely birthday present my mom got me!  A beautiful fall throw blanket, big candle, tea, Starbucks gift card and more!  Linny's gift is in there too and was a ton of AMAZING beauty products from her company, dōTERRA

I had an intense week at school but everything is still manageable.  It's all in time management!  Foundations test, calculations quiz, and pharmacology test plus continuing on in our research project and regular classes. 

 In Friday lab we learned and practiced putting down NG tubes, feeding tubes, administering medications via a gastrostomy tube and lots of other craziness.  It's amazing, challenging, and VERY detail-oriented. I can't believe I'll practicing on REAL people in just weeks; clinicals start in April.  That is something I am really looking forward to!

Besides all that business, we're super-bowling it up with Ryan's CEO, Ed, and lovely wife, Joyce on Sunday.  Can't wait to cheer on the Broncos and see then WIN!!!


  1. I just want to make Reese go do this with me like... now. Maybe I'll be able to talk him into it, and Happy (belated) Birthday!!



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