Monday, February 10, 2014

Bullet Style: Pizza, February, Serving

1.  Our cohort at school won the dang pizza party!  And it was really good pizza too. Thanks Denver School of Nursing!

Why yes I do have a giant blue finger sticking out of my legs while I reach people how to make a "C" to spell BRONCOS.  Lordy.

2.  Ryan got a free iphone from his parents and is feeling particularly excited about it.  He is venturing in the world of smart phones and I doubt he'll ever look back!  I have always secretly loved that we use "dumb phones" that can barely even text, let alone check my e-mail and Google Earth something crazy.  

I'm still processing how I feel about making the change too.  I lke the camera convenience but that's about it.  I do NOT want to be that person with my face glued to a little screen.  Yuck.

3. I saw this quote on a friend's blog and though it was particularly striking


“Becoming the best versions of ourselves often requires that we stay.   Stay when things get hard.  Stay when we get bored.  Stay when we experience periods of unhappiness.  Stay when the excitement wears off.  Stay when we don’t like those we are in community with.  Stay when we fail or are betrayed.  Stay when we know who we can become if we have the courage to be faithful in the undramatic.”
-Christopher L. Heuertz

4.  Are we the only ones that are anxious for some sunshine and spring?  This ALWAYS happens in February it feels like so I don't want to rush out the winter.  But man am I ready for late nights on the back porch, gardens, bike rides around town, and warm walks with Grumps

 It's a small lesson in not rushing the season we're in and being available and content where we are now.

This is the sexy Dominica beach Ryan was at just a few weeks ago. DANG.  I am jelly (my younger sister taught me that-I am not cool)!!

5.  I made these vegetarian goat cheese tacos the other day for our friend Marc's birthday and they were honestly, really good!  Try them out.

Ryan and Marc together.  This picture is for a proposal to Joe Coors for a HWI project.  Sorry it's wonky, I had to resize the ginormous original one down.

6.  Tomorrow evening we are venturing out with our Life Group to serve at a local retirement community. I feel really excited about this!  Mostly because older people are the bomb.  They are sassy and wise and amazing.  For Valentine's Day we are bringing flowers and dessert to bless the residents with and I can only anticipate good conversation to go with it!

It is always a sweet challenge to get out from behind our walls and lean into sacrifice.

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Acts 20:35

Bahaha!  This doesn't have to do with serving the geriatric population.  This was made by Jacob and Lauren, LG members, who are so awesome.  See anyone familiar in this mariachi band?

Have a marvelous, Jesus-seeking week everyone!  Here is a provoking verse from my journey through Ezekiel lately.  God sends us and then promises to be with us, cover us, and speak to us. 

 It really doesn't get cooler that that.

And the hand of the Lord was upon me there. And he said to me, “Arise, go out into the valley, and there I will speak with you.”

Ezekiel 3:22


  1. You can have my Iphone if you want it! We have to change in April and our new provider doesn't take these phones. So depending on who you use, you could have mine. It is 2 years old, but still works perfectly.

    I love that you won the pizza contest. That first picture, should I just start calling your Miley? hehe! ;)

    1. Ewwww OMG that is so funny and terrible! I would actually love your phone if it is compatable with t mobile! Thanks Linny.



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