Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Rilyn Grace had a busy year of being 2 and now she is our big girl 3 year old niece!  Her ADORABLE party was Saturday morning.  Pajamas and Pancakes.  How do you get swoonier?

There was a pancake bar, pajamas, chocolate milk in real milk bottles, and of course lots of presents for Ms. Rilyn.  We got her girly chapstick, pink headbands and toothpaste.  

The toothpaste was just Kids Tom's and was so random and last minute.  But alas, she loved the toothpaste the most.


Stole this one from your blog, Anna!  Rilyn and the pancake bar.  Every topping imagineable, people! 

The great honor helping the birthday girl get her sprinkle-whipped cream-syrup topped pancake 

This situation.  Too much.  Take it away!!  Love these boys.

LOOK AT THESE CUPCAKES!!!  So cute.  Mini eggs and bacon :) 

 Our favorite short people.  Ryder, Xander, and Rilyn

She had so much fun opening gifts!  And she was so polite and thankful for each one.

Our future someday, husband!  Watch out.  It's just not right if I don't have a baby in my arms.

Later that night we had my "friend birthday party".  There were so many sweet, loved friends there which made me feel so blessed.   We plowed our way through 4 huge Costco pizzas, two salads, and almost an entire 4 layer chocolate cake.  It was SO good!  The rest of the night was laughing, games, and enjoying each other.  

Thank you for coming Casey, Connie, Peyton, Marc, Beth, Corrie, Eleanor, Matt, Maggie, Fried, Nathan, Kinsey, Ashley, Matt, Rachelle, Ross, Hannah, Daniel, and husband!

Here is the one and only picture I got from the night  Lame sauce.  The boys and their beloved Crokinole (think mini shuffle board but classier).

It's a proven fact: all guys love this game and are good instantly good at it

So tomorrow is my actual birthday.  Woot!  The big 25 as my mom calls it :)  Ryan gives me such a hard time because I can never remember how old either one of us are.  I literally thought I was turning 23 a few months ago, ha ha!!  I'm not even in denial about getting older so not sure why my brain farts out on ages.

My mom is bringing me coffee and presents tomorrow morning (she is the greatest) and then for my actual birthday event Ryan is taking my to Canvas & Cocktails in the evening!  You know where they teach you to paint and you drink wine??  I cannot wait to go with Ryan!  Phew, and then finally I have birthday lunch this weekend with Mom and a Decker bday celebration in February to wrap it up.

SO grateful!  I am unreasonably, incomprehensibly beyond blessed!

Have a fantastic second half of your week all!

Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.

Romans 3:24


  1. I love Rilyn's birthday party theme! That is the just the greatest idea! She is such a cutie pie!



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