Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dominican, Chickens, Walks

So Ryan Decker was in Dominican Republic this week working.  Gosh, he was just in Haiti two months ago!  

He had such an adventure and really blessed HWI with his efforts and smartness.  He went to write a manual for the Reverse Osmosis equipment which is a TON of work.  He also went to another equipment site to sample water but the main goal was the writing.   I'll post more pictures and details tomorrow.

At the ocean with his ostomy!  Go husband!

Side note:  the dude's ostomy bag was a beast this trip!  It literally fell off twice.  The bag connects to a face place that is stuck to Ryan's skin.  The actual bag that collects waste just hauled off and fell to the ground once on the plane and once in his hotel.  UGH!!  The life of an ostomate.  Plus the airport security never knows what it is and always swab it to make sure it's not a bomb.  Geeze!

So while he was away I just chugged away with school and work but not a whole lot else.  He left me Monday morning at 5:30 am and got back Friday at 4:00.  I barely had time to miss him!

Here are a ton of pictures/updates from our week.  I finished my second week of my second quarter of nursing school.  I learned sterile gloving and will start wound care next week in addition to working on an 11 week research project, doing calculation lab, pharmacology lecture, and foundations class.  I love it all!!

He looks ready to attack! 

 Oh no, I guess he'll just sit and eat mealworms with the ladies

This morning Grumps met the chickens for the first time.  They really liked him and he desperately wanted to chase them.  But alas, he was not allowed.  Instead he ate their poop.  Cringe.   The chickens are still producing about 16 eggs a week or so which is high for the winter.  We are grateful!

Our whole Saturday was so chill and it was such a gift.  Ryan went to bed at 7:30 p.m. Friday and woke up at 7:30 a.m.  He needed sleep after 3 flights and 13+ hours of travel on Friday!   

Then we promptly took a 3 hour nap Saturday afternoon.  Oh yes we did!

My boys 

Post-nap we walked about a mile or so at a local trail.  Grumps even got stopped by two ladies biking so they could admire his cuteness.  He woos the ladies.  Post-walk I headed to Starbucks to study and Ryan and Grumps went to hang with Matt.  Watching the Butler over leftovers was our night in after all that.  

If you have never see that movie, watch it!  Man was it good!  Anything unjust strikes a chord in me and I cried over the scene with the black teens sitting in at the white section of the restaurant counter.  The abuse was so intense and I just cried over the unfairness of injustice and racism.  We recommend that movie big time!

I love these two with all my might! 

Oh Grumples you are so handsome 

Bare trees in January 


And finally a shot from our life group minus Ryan and about 6 other usual peeps.  We had congratulatory cake for a couple that just got married and then processed about Mark 1:17 and fishing for men.  Always good stuff with that group!

Tomorrow it's church and the Broncos game for us! We are not huge football watchers but when it gets this exciting we have to hope on board the football train!  

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Philemon 1:15

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