Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Recap of 2013

I haven't ever recapped our year before on the blog but thought it would be meaningful and reflective to record a snippet into our last year.   Of course this isn't everything by even a long shot, but it's a few highlights :)  

Warning:  This doesn't include much  in the way of the struggles and ugly we faced.  There were personal challenges and suffering in other areas that just weren't broadcasted here and kept private.  No one's life is perfect and all highlights.  Amen?

 As we were processing some of the themes of our 2013 included:  

uncomfortable, pressing on, thrive, hopeful, refine, new, and grow

This year hasn't always been easy but it has revealed deeply to us more of ourselves and the Lord's provision and steadfastness.

Joined a bowling league
Niece Rilyn turned into a big 2 year old girl!
Launched our popular Ostomy Series over at Reaching for Fringe
I turned 24 and celebrated with a Waffle Bar Party!

Pressed on in my nursing school prerequisites
Cooked more vegetarian meals and loved it!
Ditched 40 Bags in 40 days for lent

Wrote monthly for Missional Women
Ryan and his best friends hosted a "Soiree" for all their wives.  Swoon.
Experienced a new Easter rhythm: hosting a Seder dinner.  Cannot wait for this year!

A slow month...just did life
Started a new church, Red Rocks Church
My younger sister graduated from college!

Passed finals and filled out nursing school application
Ryan got promoted at work to Director of Partnerships-wow!
Hung out with our cool families

Celebrated 3 years of marriage!
Husband turned 27
I was accepted to Nursing School
Ryan landscaped our yard and got my garden beds up and running
Ryan traveled to Dominican Republic for work

Celebrated Ryan's 1 year stomaversarry

Nephew Ryder turned 1!
Ryan put in a paver patio with fireplace
We biked all over Golden and watched movies in the park

Went camping
Co-hosted a vintage airplane baby shower for SIL, Megan

Launched our first ever Life Group through church
Traveled to Utah for sister Linny's birthday
Hiked in Evergreen and walked Race for the Cure

Ryan went to Haiti for work
Newphew Xander was born
Assembled Operation Christmas Child boxes-so sweet!
Brought home baby Grumples, our new goldendoodle puppy
Hosted our 3rd annual Thanksgiving dinner

Finished my first quarter of nursing school
Ryan got nominated for the Great Comebacks Award
Renewed communication standards for our marriage
Went snow tubing for New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year!  May 2014 bring you closer to God and make you more aware of the blessed gift this life truly is!

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