Friday, December 27, 2013

Sparse Christmas Capturings

The lens on my camera is tragically jammed so I have zero of my own photos from Christmas :(   But my sister's handy iphone captured some moments for us!

Grumples in his little Christmas hat

Our 2013 Christmas was really wonderful.  I love how this season made us dig deeper into reflection and celebration.

 Christmas eve (my favorite!!) was spent with my family and we chowed down on delicious cheese fondue and appetizers followed by hot chocolate and driving to see Christmas lights!  It was such a relaxed evening and such quality time.

The fondue dippers-veggies, tart apples, carrots, bread plus there were tamales, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, and more!

My mom is the literally the stocking-extraordinaire and WOW-ed us with her stuffing skills and generosity.  Our stockings are seriously the best part of Christmas morning!  Presents and breakfast with my family and then a hour drive down to see Ryan's family for the afternoon on Christmas Day.

We saw had a yummy meal and opened more thoughtful, generous presents with everyone.  My absolute favorite part of the day was when our almost 3 year old niece asked to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus.  How sweet!!!!  

So we did and her pure love of baby Jesus was the most beautiful part of the day.

Does anyone else besides me and my mom tear down your Christmas decor like less than 24 hours after the big day?  By 1:00 pm on December 26th my house was clean from top to bottom and not a single piece of Christmas decoration was left.  Ahhh, it felt so refreshing to have a clean house newly organized.

Linny and I Christmas morning.  I felt like such a hipster in this selfie moment.

This week with Ryan off from work and me on break from school we have some snow tubing, time outside, house projects, dates, friend time, and relaxation in order.  Looking forward to it and welcoming in 2014!

Grumples helped clean up.  By standing on the dishwasher and licking each plate clean.  Gross!


  1. Hi! Loved your Christmas posts. What a beautiful way to spend the day. Please forgive me if I have missed something, but where is Harpo? Belynda from Kentucky

    1. Belynda! We LOVE Mr. Harpo but he was struggling with our pace of life. He is very leery of strangers, children, and other dogs so we knew our lifestyle was distressing to him. Luckily, my sweet mom adopted him and takes very good care of him. We missed having a dog though so the goofball Grumples entered our lives! Glad you are here reading :)

  2. Wow Dev 26 deco tear down? Thats fast! I usually do New Years day! I agree it feels nice to have the house nice and clean!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Deckers! XOXOX

    1. Vee! How was taking down those decorations today? I just can't wait that long and want a clean, Christmas-free house back :) Happy New Year, friend! xoxoxo to you



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