Monday, December 16, 2013

December Whereabouts and Such

A few items bullet style!

#1  My brave and persevering husband is one of three finalists for the Great Comebacks Award!  We are quite giddy about this and feeling very honored to be considered.  

In a very tin nutshell that won't do the organization justice, Great Comebacks... raises awareness about IBD's and ostomies as well as encourages and empowers the community by lighting up the success stories of those thriving after an ostomy surgery.  Phew!  How cool?  

He was nominated from an essay I submitted about his tough journey last year and his story unfolding today.  Be sure to check out the website and marvel at how cool people with ostomies are.  Updates to come...

Um, yes.  He IS the coolest man ever.

#2.  Our little baby Grumples (Grumps, Grump-a-doodle-doo, Grumpster, G-Money, etc) is such a sweet little man.  We adore this furball.  He has hit a really strong stride in obeying and not pooing in the house.  Win!  

This is excellent training for kids in about 6 years.  

Sorry mom.

#3. Rest is about the most beautiful thing in the world right now.  I am so grateful for these days off from class to read Christmas books, cook (chili for us tonight), clean, have long quiet times with the Lord, walk Grumps, and nap.  AHHHH!  Slash I also get to have breakfast mornings with my mom, enjoy coffee dates with sweet friends, and have niece/nephew sleepovers.

#4.  This article.  So many thoughts and very enlightening.  Toss your judgements now, people.  This is Why Poor People's Decisions Make Perfect Sense

#5.  Our hearts are always growing for adoption and this video (who we found out features a friend's sister!) just about did us in.  We wept.

#6.  I'm thinking about doing a free bathroom makeover on my break.  To do or not to do...I think do!  Pictures to come! It will literally be like a 24 hour thing I'll do one Tuesday when I'm feeling particularly motivated.  

Our guest bathroom is offensive in it's ugliness.

#7.  Anything Christmas-y on your lists this week?  We have a very special, secret Christmas date this weekend which I am just about peeing my pants over.  Not kidding!  

#8.  And this.  Beautiful, no?

#9. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

Isaiah 7:14


  1. What a great video!
    Sure think you're great girl!!

    1. Laura Krokos you are great! That is Truman Lo's sister. Cool right? And you guys set an example for us in adoption. Thank you.



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