Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1 Down!

My first quarter of Nursing School is of the past!  Wow that is a mind boggling, beautiful, praise-worthy reality.  

Breakfast fuel for a busy day: oatmeal, apples, pumpkin seeds, and almond butter. 

I finished my last final this morning after a 72 hour tornado of papers, quizzes, tests, and last minute homework turn-ins.  I actually grumbled the whole way home because for a brief moment in time it was thought that one of my grades drooped a bit but I was wrong!!  

Was there ever a happier moment than to realize that? Attitude check much?  Thank you, Lord :)

This last season has been so full of God-ordained new friendships, learning far more than I ever believed could be fit into my brain, and stretching in new ways.  The Lord is such a good gift giver and Nursing School is among the greatest gifts.  There is nothing else I would rather be doing.

This tiny man doesn't really help me study but he gives me motivation for breaks!

P.S.  This might be TMI but every month we praise the Lord that I am not pregnant...can you imagine pregnancy in a program this intense??  It shant even be thought of.

Can I just share something here?  Let's all just take a minute to stand gape-mouthed in wonder at my husband's support, the Lord's strength, my mom cleaning my house, and one fabulous study group...each propelling me to finish the quarter with a 4.0 GPA. Say wha???

I'm so proud of that but not in a gloating an overflowing heart way that it was not a work accomplished on my own.  Dang, the blessings are just drowning me.

Hey studly husband who is the greatest supported and encourager of all time!

I did work my butt off to make the most of our resources and time but sweet Moses I would have starved to death if my husband wouldn't have cooked for me and failed my classes if he wouldn't have quizzed me each week.

Christmas in the kitchen-makes me want to bake and watch Elf again...and again...

Phew!  So the rest of the month is hopefully one of rest, community, activities in the mountains, and a finally truly clean house.  Amen???  Gosh I can't wait to just soak up the Christmas season and be filled.

Now a nap is required.  For the realz.


  1. Great job with the 4.0!!!! You're going to be a fantastic nurse because the Lord is behind you!!! You can't go wrong with that!!!

    Your nursing school sounds so amazing. I hope that when I begin, it's as great of an experience as you're having!

    1. Amber, it is an amazing place!! So thankful to be there. When do you start school? How fun :)



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