Thursday, November 14, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child just rocks our worlds!  This is the one of the neatest things that has made its way into our holiday rhythm every year.

There are so many kiddos around the in the U.S. world that won't receive anything for Christmas.  That makes my heart just squeeze up with sadness and a desire to act.

But so many will have a different reality this year and be blessed by a shoebox filled with goodies! This is a tangible way that Samaritan's Purse (the larger ministry responsible for OCC) demonstrates God's love to a child while getting the opportunity to minister to them with the gospel.

Love it all!  

This year we built two boxes, one online (in case you don't have time to get to the store) and one in real life.  Actually, my mom was the generous one behind our real life target shopping trip and should get the credit for that :)

This simple project gets our eyes off ourselves and our wants this Christmas.  We learn about generosity and living open-handedly, God's heart for children, and the simple beauty in extending a gift to a sweet child somewhere.

This box was for 10-14 year old girl. In our box we included a cute blouse, playing cards, Christmas socks, regular socks, a toothbrush, nail files, manicure set, shampoo, conditioner, acrylic nails, compact mirror, Kleenex, notebook, pens, dental floss, hand wipes, small stuffed animal, chap stick, lip gloss, jacks, sidewalk chalk, body soap, a little purse, school supplies, and water bottle.  The sky's the limit!

If you participate in OCC it will bless you more than you can even imagine.  Our small group actually chose to participate in this together and it has been overwhelmingly encouraging to see couples building boxes together and extending Jesus with such a simplistic step of faith.

Beauty all around with OCC.  

Consider joining us in this work?  Click here.

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