Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Party!

We only had about 15 tricker-or-treaters which for our block is good!  One particularly lame costume was a high school girl with a sweater pulled over her face and she was obviously..."a sweater face".  Whatever the heck that means!  

I just give free candy out.  There were some ninjas and marines and princesses so that was better.

Our Halloween was SO fun!  16 lovely small group peeps filled our house for appetizers, drinks, games, and hanging out.  There were some crazy costumes that made us laugh like the electric outlet and pregnant nun.  O.M.G.  Loved it all.

What did you do?  Now that Halloween is over we're not too far off now from non-stop Christmas music and cozy Thanksgiving happenings :)  

Happy weekend!

Outlets and sketchy clergy!  These made me laugh.

Ryan was an African lion and I was Pippy Longstocking.  Ryan did my hair for me--legit right??

We had creepy green drinks...

...and put panty hose on our heads...

and oreos on our was a fantastically fun night.  Such a blessing!

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