Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas with A Purpose

If I'm honest I sometimes find the holidays to be a little discouraging.  What could possibly express gratefulness more than running down others with shopping carts at 3 am the day after professed gratitude for all we are blessed by??

Get it together, America!

There are so many broken aspects of this culture.  And for us, it is our heart's cry to reject the consumerism, and shopaholism, and greediness.  No thank you...don't want it!

In our weak attempt at this anti-culture movement, here are a few of favorite ideas to get outside of ourselves these next few weeks and extend humility, gratitude, sacrifice, and love.

Just like Jesus always did...

Operation Christmas Child-absolute favorite winter family activity

Assemble Ann Voskamp's The Thanks Giving Tree and find the gratitude just flowing from you

Celebrate Jesus with the beautiful rhytmn of Advent


Assemble and gift Blessing Bags to those in need with love and awareness

Compassion International
Kevine, is one of our beautiful Compassion Sponsor children.  Click on the link in the left sidebar to love on a child and tangibly extend Christ this month!

Shop mercifully-you have to Christmas shop so might as well benefit the world and avoid inadvertent partnership with human slavery and oppression.

Our favorite shopping includes Feed, 31 Bits,  Mercy House Kenya, Noonday Collection, No. 41, Avodah Coffee, 3 Strands, Light Gives Heat, War Chest Boutique and SOOO many others!

Other ideas?  Please share!  Embracing Jesus over these special holidays and what He is about gives life.  We aren't perfect and neither are these organizations, but man does it manifest God's love more than Black out sales and descending mobs for clearance items.


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