Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkins Carvings and Such

After our roadtrip this weekend we had a full week ahead of us!  For starters, I got the results back from my first pathophysiology test...87.1%

I have to be honest and say I was a little disappointed.  And then the Lord smacked me in my thick skull with truth.  Ahem...

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord
Colossians 3:23

I'm convinced that in this particular instance, working for the Lord  does not mean getting all A's. 

 Working for the Lord in Nursing School will be about developing relationships with classmates, preparing well for my future patients, continuing to give God my best even when I'm stressed and tired...and ultimately surrendering the experience to Him to make of it what He desires.

I took a lunch walk with a new friend yesterday and she just so happens to dig Jesus too.  We chatted about killing off our identities in grades and performance.  Because it's not satisfying ultimately or even what God cares about.  YES he wants us to work hard and honor him with our opportunities.  But God just doesn't put weight in what the world values (like all A's on tests perhaps...)

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

Anyway, more power to you if you can get all A's and still balance your life but I am struggling through letting my identity rest in Christ alone and not in what I produce.  Amen.

The end.

Just kidding!

We carved pumpkins on Tuesday with new Life Group friends.  Dang they are legit!  They made us butternut squash soup and homemade rolls. How much more fall perfection do you get in one evening??  Then we carved fatty orange pumpkins. 

 I say this with so much love...Ryan's gift in life probably isn't carving pumpkins (ha ha!).  But his rendition of Frankenstein was endearing to my wife heart :)

I carved the spider on the far right.  Can you see Frank on the left over there??  Ha ha I LOVE my man!

It's Life Group tonight for us and then a full weekend of studying for my second big patho exam on Monday.  Wahoo!!  We're celebrating October Decker birthdays on Saturday too and soaking up some church on Sunday.

If I'm lucky I bet we'll squeeze in some festive fall walks through the leaves and the first fire of the season in our fire place.  Off to study today...Happy Thursday everyone!

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