Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloweens Past

I haven't posted a "where we were last year post" in awhile but it's been on our minds!

This exact day last year, Halloween 2012, Ryan had just come out of his 6th surgery a few days prior and was the sickest of his life yet.  Ugh, it was horrific.  

We had made big plans last year for all our friends to come over for a costume party and were looking forward to fun night after such a boggling summer.  The whole hospitalization in fall of last year was a shock and the 1 year anniversary of it is painful and still hard to believe.

However, we are PRAISING Jesus this Halloween that we can dress up, cook appetizers for our small group party, hand out justice-minded treats, and enjoy this autumn holiday! 

Nothing makes my heart happy like a wagon full of pumpkins

 Thankful is a total understatement.

P.S.  I laugh out loud every time I think about this...but Ryan said he grew up thinking Halloween was the devil's birthday!!  Ha ha!  That just tickles me every time he tells me.  I know some people get riled up about Halloween but we just think it's fun.

 I'll be honest and say we are both pretty bad at celebrating this day though.  We carved our pumpkins too early (aka rotten grossness), have no costumes as of 9:05 this morning and probably will run out of treats for our trick-or-treaters!  Meh, oh well.

Anyway, here are Halloweens of 2011, the year of pumpkin patches and baked potato soup, and Halloween 2010, the year of Saudi Arabia costume parties!

Happy Halloween!!  Anna, I can't wait to see costumes of your babies, especially the little ballerina :)

Saudi Arabia costume party.  A rockstar and a gangster.  A+ work yo.



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