Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Just a series of things to share.  Mostly good.  One difficulty.

We saw Gravity on Friday night and it was such a fun date night.  But excuse me, why did Sandra Bullock's hair not float in space? 

 Our initial plan included driving 30 minutes south to go to this fancy theatre where you have dinner while you watch the movie!  Stepping up to the counter though, it apparently sold out just minutes before so we had a 30 minute drive ahead of us back home :( Boo.  Then we tried heading to Yardhouse for dinner but the wait was 65 minutes.  Oy.  Remind me to never go out again. 

We finally decided on Chipotle (never disappoints) and see Gravity in 3-D at a non-fancy theatre for a perfect night out.  Date nights rule!   Our dates have to be much more intentional in this season and they are such a breathe of fresh air when they happen.  Thankful.

I'm burning fall scented candles like my life depends on it.  I LOVE them!

This week has already been pretty full.  My second patho test was yesterday (aka been studying like it's my job) and while I don't think it kicked my butt, I am thinking maybe a B?  My friend Naomi texts me before tests to remind me B is for Balance!  What a gift she is.

Tonight we have Life Group training at church and then actual Life Group on Thursday nights as usual.  We ADORE this group.  They are seriously so dang legit.  If your church has something like Small Groups, Life Groups, Bible studies, etc...get plugged in.  Best thing you'll ever do.

The outstanding Bible Study my friend Katie and I are going through.  Favorite Beth Moore study yet!  It's the best way to start my mornings.

Difficult thing:  our prayers and hearts right now and deeply entangled in the world of chronic illness.  We continue to wade through the unexpected with Ryan's battle from last year.

I think the most common misconception about any chronic illness is that the war ends with remission or physical relief.  It just doesn't...it can't.

We're currently addressing emotional hardships, self confidence shatterings, post-traumatic problems, fighting for purpose, the ongoing annoyances of having a contraption strapped to Ryan's belly, and facing the fear of the unknown future.  

As far as the unknown future; did you know Crohn's patients have sky high risk for colon cancers?  And Remicade patients have risks for lyphomas (blood cancers) and other neurologic/infectious/immune complications?  God is asking us to trust Him and not fear.

Not to be a party pooper, but at 24 and 27 you just don't think you'll face these issues.  The world did a great job of convincing us we were destined for ease in our 20's but God's way is polar opposite.  He's giving us a chance to really draw from His strength, to really submit to Him.  Although it can be painful and pretty sucky, we are stubbornly learning a faith apart from relying on ourselves and what we hope will push us closer to the walk Jesus talked about so often.

 So that's what we're wading through right now.  

Good?  Sure.  Hard?  No doubt.

My hope is that Ryan will be voicing more encouragement and deeper parts of his story over at Reaching For Fringe because ministry is needed in this little pocket of the world.  His story and faith journey needs to be shared.  Pray for him?

Early morning fall leaves and bright sunlight.  I'm addicted to to the multi-colored world we're in right now and the crispy air.  It's perfection.

More beauty all around us.

Last thing, I just die from the cuteness of this sweet little lady!  Rilyn Grace is one of our favorite short people EVER!  Oh my word.  She and Grandma came for a little visit on Sunday and it blessed us.

My absolute 2 favorite things about her:  1)  She tells me she didn't learn anything in Sunday School (ha ha) but if I ask her if Jesus loves her..."YES!  Jesus love me!"  2)  Her dang independence.  It is my favorite thing.  She is so courageous, strong-willed, and confident in her abilities. Mix it with her ability to care, help, serve, and snuggle... I cannot think of a better combination for a sweet little almost 3 year old.  We obviously swoon over her!

P.S.  Is this not the reality of this generation?  She knows how to run an iPad better than us and promptly attempts to text with those short, fat fingers of hers.  TOO CUTE!!

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12

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