Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Outing

In accordance with not being a tunnel visioned stress basket throughout Nursing School...we had a fall outing this morning!  We decided to go to Evergreen, just a short drive away to walk around a beautiful lake and get some fresh air.  

We have been to weddings at this lake in the summer but man is it stunning in the fall!

The "hike" was only about 1.5 miles but the trees were the color of sunshine and oranges and the air was so crispy.  Perfect!

The crooked/off center self-timer shot is always a plus!  And this waterfall was pretty rad.

We brought lunch and let Harpo romp to his heart's content.  If there was ever a cozier, more wonderful place than Colorado in the fall, I would like to know about it!

A boardwalk through a marsh with aspens and firs in the background?  Yes.

This naughty duck taunted Harpo for 20 minutes.  And Harpo was too dumb to realize he can not only swim but he was definitely allowed in the water.  Ha!  Poor little man. 

 He didn't have a good time at all.

I can see about 20 colors in this pile!  Auburn, cream, tangerine, wine, copper, and gold.

Family shot.  Ryan thinks I'm so weird but I laugh out loud looking at this picture.  Harpo is so funny to me here!  He's like a little furry human smiling and looking right at the camera!  Ha ha ha... 

And finally a surprise cluster of golden hued trees just swaying in the breeze.  I could have sat there all day soaking in the peace and calm of this season.

We ended the day with a Costco trip so Ryan could sample feast and also a stop at my favorite German bakery for cinnamon rolls and stuffed chocolate horns.  Grateful today.

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.
Isaiah 55:6

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