Thursday, October 10, 2013

Accomplished & Fall Things

A post of some pictures of fall around our house!

Oh, but a random note first:  I find that I enjoy blogging much more when my schedule is brimming full.  Ha!  The last few weeks have taught me I function better with a full schedule, a variety of activities to balance, and when I have to time manage.  Feeling accomplished and using each minute of the day = addictive.   How about you?

P.S.  Here is a a favorites list that you should check to make this season even more wonderful :)

My friend Katie I baked these last Saturday.  I asked Ryan to make me this.  This is on the menu next week for dinner (crockpot alert!).  And how about this for some truth and encouragement?

Is there every color of the rainbow in this tiny cluster of leaves?  ROYGBIV!

Even our plate wall is festive

Early morning frosts blanket our backyard in baby icicles

Mercury pumpkin.  This is my favorite fall decoration besides my candles.  It was gifted to me by one of my favorite ladies, Joyce Anderson.  She is so generous.

Sunshine through yellowed leave.  Yes, please and I'll have seconds!

Family walks in the mountains

Tea for those chilly mornings.  I love that it's getting dark in the mornings now :)  P.S.  Katie, I would never use "your mug" so just know this was for picture purposes only, ha!

Daily egg hunting.  It never gets old to find a sweet little egg waiting for us

Big piles of cozy blankets is such a joy for me in the autumn.  You can bundle up so quickly and guests can make themselves at home too.

The brightest red limb of trees I've ever seen.  Gorgeous, swoony fall.

Fall woos me every year.  I'm so grateful for this colorful, crisp, cozy season.

The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him...

Daniel 9:9

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